I Can’t Watch "The Biggest Loser" Anymore

I’m not the biggest TV show watcher. I’ll admit that. Very few shows have captured my interest enough that I will set aside time to sit down and watch regularly. Of course with DVR and Netflix, I don’t have to make time other than the time I actually HAVE, but even then…when I have down time, the first thing I plan to do is not usually watch a TV show.

That being said, over the years, some shows HAVE captured my interest on occasion and one of them a couple of years ago was The Biggest Loser. First I have to say that my woman-crush on Jillian Michaels most likely played a part as I really like her. I wish I could have her train me a few times, just to go through the experience. I like her intensity and I like the fact that she shows how much she cares. I know not everyone is into her style. That’s okay, just my own preference. And…it was why I started watching the show at all.

The first season I watched was whenever a young woman named Danni from Chicago area won. I LOVED that season. I never felt put off by the challenges they put the contestants through (at least that season, nothing bothered me) and I loved seeing that young woman’s determination and competitive spirit. I thought she looked fabulous at the finale. When she came out, she looked buff, not anorexic, and just full of life. I think she weighed in around 135 which is within the healthy weight range for her height (she is my height if I remember correctly, and while 135 would be on the low end of the healthy range, it was still within that range).

Image Credit

When that season caught my eye, my family was watching one evening and the group was running a 5K. It seemed that perhaps they weren’t yet ready for such a challenge, but they all persevered one way or another. It was so neat to see them walk/run or do whatever they needed to in order to finish and I was hooked after that episode.

The first time I was truly disappointed in the show was last year when the woman won who got down to like 105 pounds. She looked anorexic on TV, and Jillian Michaels’ reaction to her is all I needed to see to know that it was as bad as it looked. All accounts state that she put on 20 pounds soon after the weigh-in at the finale and I’m glad because she did NOT look healthy. 

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And I had damage control with my 13-year-old at the time who now weighs 123 pounds and is almost 5’5″ tall. She is NOT fat and the last thing I wanted her to think was she somehow needed to weigh 105 pounds. But, I gave the show a chance again this past fall and began watching this current season.

I lost interest in this current season at some point. I was trying to figure out just what about it was bothering me. With this season, they have a bunch of people who had been athletes at the highest levels (olympians, professionals) in their younger years, but they were now obese. Honestly, this crew was something that should have kept my interest. I have been an athlete all my life. I played basketball and volleyball in high school. I was a swimmer. I was a rower in college. And I, too, became obese as an adult and have turned a corner and gotten my health under control in the last couple of years. So I wondered why I wasn’t more interested in watching this show.

Dani and Helen enjoy this show and they recorded it each week to watch on the weekend. They asked me every weekend whether they should save it after they watched it and I finally told them to stop saving it…just delete when they were done because I most likely would not watch it. 

And then I realized I was a bit concerned that they were watching it.

This season, perhaps it was 6 episodes in…or maybe it was 8, I am not sure, but they had a “Temptations” episode. Basically, they were going to be putting the contestants into a room full of unhealthy, tempting foods for a period of time. This, alone, might not have bothered me so much. I mean, as someone who has overcome obesity and many food issues, I recognize that I am going to be in the vicinity of unhealthy foods — trigger foods! — and I need to be able to make the best choice for me…sometimes that is going to be indulging a little bit, sometimes it might be avoiding it altogether, and all the time deciding the right thing to do will be hard.

However, they “tempted” the contestants with the fact that if they chose to eat something in this room, the contestant who ate the most (calorie-wise? I can’t remember how they measured it) would receive a 1-pound advantage on the scale. So basically, if you were going to break down and cheat on your diet…you better go whole-hog on it and try to get the 1-pound advantage on the scale…never mind the fact that a measly 1-pound advantage is SO not worth derailing your lifestyle changes.

I think this is cruel. I would think it was cruel if I was a contestant and I can’t stand to watch it. These people are only WEEKS into this immersion of healthy changes and you’re going to basically encourage them to sabotage all they have worked for. That episode, I kid you not, I was CRYING because I couldn’t bear to watch these people who had worked so hard for the past few weeks throw it all away simply to receive a 1-pound advantage at the weigh-in. These people have placed their trust in this program, the trainers, the producers, the “game makers” so to speak — and the people in whom they have placed their trust BETRAY them by tempting them unfairly and in one of the most cruel ways imaginable.

Maybe I feel this way because I know how hard it is to stick to a plan without outrageous “temptations” and contests thrown at you. Perhaps the show and the viewers feel it is justified because of the $250,000 prize at the end. But, what about the people who don’t win? What about their psyches and the fact that you’re toying with them in a very vulnerable spot. I suppose people might say, “Oh well, they signed up for it…” And, I guess they did, but even if they signed up to have their weight loss journey picked apart by the whole world, that sort of “temptation” could be crushing. These people have already succumbed to gluttony in their lives…why would you encourage them to do that, simply to “stay alive” so to speak in the contest for another week?

So, I cannot watch “The Biggest Loser” anymore. Dani and Helen have continued to watch it, but I have let them know why I object. I think that at their ages, they just want to see who wins in the end. Sarah hasn’t shown that much interest since I stopped showing interest. 

I guess if I were to watch any Reality TV show regularly, I might come to the conclusion that I don’t want to watch it anymore because of something along these lines. What is it about our culture that helps this sort of thing succeed? Is it the fact that SOMEONE wins the temptation challenge, even though the majority lose? Are we happy to see SOMEONE overcome the odds and not give in regardless of the temptation of getting a 1-pound advantage on the scale? Or are we just wallowing in our own filth, so to speak, happy to see that most everyone else fails the way we would? I don’t know.

But I do know that I won’t be watching in order to find out anymore.


One Year of My New Life

Remember this? Here I Go Again

One year ago today, I walked into the Weight Watchers At-Work meeting to weigh-in for the “first time” again. I am happy to report it was my LAST “first time” and I made changes that started that day and stuck with them now for a year.

One year ago on November 1 (tomorrow) I went to my first CrossFit workout. I had surgery six weeks before and had abided by the “no lifting” restrictions. But I was cleared and ready to go. I remember that workout like it was a year ago. 🙂 We did back squats. We did Cleans. And I was oh-so-very sore all weekend long. (I also came down with Strep that weekend, which was not so fun.)

Today, I reread several of my posts over the past year and I link them for you now:

Tomorrow, I will compete in my first CrossFit Competition. I’m nervous. But it’s the good kind of nervous. I am entered in the scaled division and I just hope to do the very best I can and see how it goes.

As I think about this past year the main thing that comes to mind is my focus on maintaining these changes I have made. AS my initial “Here I Go Again” post mentions…I had always been an active person, but the food was my problem. I’m not going to lie, even with the changes I made this year, the food is still my problem. It’s something I cannot ever let myself become mindless to ever again. I will forever need to keep track of the food I eat on a daily basis. I will forever need to regroup after my inevitable falls “off the wagon” and get back to tracking.

Actually, I’ve been “off the wagon” for about four weeks now. It’s just been crazy with our schedule and Craig’s new job. I’m hopeful I can get back on now. Does that mean that I’ve gained 15 pounds? No. But it means that if I don’t get it in check, I might. Does that mean I haven’t worked out? Nope. Still haven’t had more than a 2-day layoff for exercise in a year. But the exercise isn’t the problem.

I recently reviewed the time since November 1 to see about workouts and was pleased to see that it was true that I had not had more than two days in a row with no formal/vigorous exercise since then. Even when we had a 2-day road trip for our vacation, when we arrived at my sister’s, I headed out for a 5K just to get something in on that 2nd day. I try not to obsess, however, my anxiety kicks up if I start thinking I won’t be able to get a workout in if I didn’t get one the day before.

In the last few months, I’ve had some interesting internal struggles with what I’ve done and how it impacts my family. First of all, there’s no question I am healthier and a better mom when I feel good about myself — both my actual health and my appearance. Secondly, I know I’m showing my kids what a healthy life looks like and I’m proud of that. The struggle comes in where the potential for weight-related problems rears its head with my kids. My kids are growing right now and are active and make (for the most part) healthy choices in the kitchen. But it was recently pointed out to me what my transformation in the past year may look like to them — especially my Helen, who wants so much to be like me in all ways. I believe my kids are proud of me for making healthy changes, but I worry that my girls (especially my girls) gain or retain some part of MY insecurity with weight and body image by seeing me work so hard to change my own weight/body to fit something I am happy with. This is a real concern. I want my girls to know they are beautiful no matter what. I worry that because they’ve watched this transformation over the past year, that they may think that I don’t think I am beautiful no matter what. So, that’s probably a post for another day. But it’s something I’ve had on my heart for a few weeks.

For today, I am going to celebrate. I’m going to celebrate the fact that my weight is in a healthy range, that my cholesterol (both the good and the bad) are in optimal ranges, that my resting heart rate is fantastic and that my blood pressure is excellent. Today, I celebrate the fact that I know eating a cookie is not going to derail my health because I know to limit my intake to just one (or two! haha) and not eat the whole box. Today, I celebrate that I understand how processed foods and sugars impact my body and I know how to make healthy and moderate choices on those. I celebrate the fact that I can Back Squat 185 pounds; I can Front Squat 145 pounds; I can Hang Squat Clean 130 pounds; I can do good-form “perfect” push-ups to the tune of 10 at a time; I can do unassisted kipping pull-ups. I could go on, but I won’t. I feel so empowered from all the goals I have reached in the last year and for that, I am grateful and I want to celebrate it.

Many of you have sent me congratulations and celebrated my success over this past year. Thank you for that. I knew that I needed a lot of accountability and  checks to keep me going and I appreciate that you all agreed to help me with that.

My journey is still far from over, though. Because I believe the hard part is in the maintenance. Yes, losing weight is hard — I’m not going to deny that. But I’m discovering that maintaining those changes when the weight is gone can be its own kind of incredible struggle. When the focus is not so much on losing and you can widen your lens-of-life and look at more things everyday — taking the time and the part of your lens to continue to focus on your health still takes effort. Some days that effort is easier than others. But no matter what, I must continue to focus on maintaining these healthy changes.

My focus continues to be on these main things:

  1. Tracking my food in a food diary
  2. Exercise most days of the week (this typically means one true rest day per week and sometimes two rest days per week, depending on the schedule…usually NOT two days in a row if I can help it)
  3. Stick to the Paleo philosophy most of the time

So, I’m going to allow myself a “Birthday” Treat — if you will.

My New/Healthy Life is 1-year-old today.

Weight Watchers Wednesday (23) — Thoughts on Before/After

I know, it’s Thursday. But, I wanted to get my monthly weigh-in with Weight Watchers At Work before I posted. Also, this will be a nice little break from Paleo Challenge posts!

I attended the At Work meeting today and weighed in for September at 159.8. That is 0.6 more than last month’s weigh-in, but still under my goal weight of 160.

I have been thinking a lot about this weight loss thing the past week. Mostly, I have been thinking about my mindset before and my mindset now.

You know what? I used to be one of those people who would say, “BMI is crap. That is an unrealistic weight for someone with my build and my height.” Or, I would say, “I just can’t get under 170 pounds. It’s just impossible.”

I would say those things because I hadn’t achieved that BMI in a healthy way in all of my adult life. And honestly, I think my peak fertility must be somewhere under 170, because any time I did actually lose enough weight to be under 170, I got pregnant as soon as we tried.

When I think back to how my mindset, I am sad at how defeated I must have been. I had been overweight for so long, that I had simply convinced myself that God made me this way, and I should just be happy with myself.

In the meeting today, the topic turned toward “What brought you to Weight Watchers?” or what was the main motivation or the catalyst where we decided, “Hey, I’m going to (re)join Weight Watchers and lose this weight!”?

As I reflect on this last time that I rejoined Weight Watchers, I focused on what was going on:

All of those factors gave me this feeling of, “I have to do this and I have to do it now.” With five active children, I desired to be healthy and active so that I could keep up with all of their activities. I wanted to be healthy so I could take care of Craig, and be there for him as we continue to grow older, raising our family. I wanted to regain the fitness I knew I had when I was younger. I know I’ll never be as flexible and strong as I was when I was 18, but I want to be as flexible and fit and strong as I can be at 40 and beyond.

I may have written this before, but my commitment level as I rejoined Weight Watchers on October 31 last year is unlike anything else I had to grab ahold of before that. I had joined Weight Watchers several times in the past 15 years as well as attempted other diets to try and lose weight…but never before last year did I have that desire burning inside.

Honestly, I didn’t know if I could do it. I worried I would fail yet again. For the first time, I followed the WW leader’s advice and set my first goal for just 5 pounds. Then I set it for 10% body weight, then I kept chipping away with manageable goals. Then, I was amazed when I’d hit the healthy range and maintained it for 6 weeks and achieved Lifetime Status.

And now, I’ll be honest with you. I am shocked when I realize I have maintained for four months. Every time I have ever lost weight in the past, I have either gotten pregnant or gained weight within two months of getting to a good weight. Right now, every month, my goal is to get to the next month and still weigh-in at or below my goal weight. I haven’t even contemplated “a year at Lifetime.” Just “one more month.” And every month, I’m happy that I’ve made it one more month.

I share this with you all because I think sometimes it’s easy to forget that the person you see in front of you was the person she used to be. I used to be that woman who thought she was destined for an overweight existence. I used to be that woman who thought she couldn’t face another day of shopping and being disappointed when nothing she liked fit. I used to be that woman who worried that her health would fail her at some point and leave her husband and children to move on in life without her.

And now.

Now, I see that it was possible and always was possible. Now, I still don’t shop much, but it’s not because I’m afraid of the dressing room. Now, I continue to make healthy lifestyle choices and I teach my children. I was so proud of Helen recently when she turned away a second helping and had slowed down her eating and told me, “I don’t want any more. I feel full.” Over the course of these last few months, Helen and I have had several talks about healthy choices, eating slowly and listening to our bodies. If I can say in 20 years that my baby girl (who is my mini-me in so many ways) has ventured on in adulthood at a healthy weight with a healthy body image intact and good healthy habits — oh my gosh — I believe that will be one of the main successes from this endeavor of the past year.

So, yeah. 4 months at Lifetime with Weight Watchers. Here’s to the next monthly goal.

Weight Watchers Wednesday (21)

Happy Wednesday! I thought it would be good to do a Weight Watchers Wednesday the day before my first weigh-in as a full-fledged Lifetime member. Tomorrow, I weigh in one month after attaining Lifetime status with Weight Watchers. 

For the record, the rule is that if I weigh even one-tenth over 2 pounds higher than the goal weight I list, I will have to pay for the week and continue to pay until I get back to goal. This means I cannot step on the scale and have it read more than 162.0.

How has the month gone? Well, let me tell you. Sticking to the plan was hard. I ran into the same temptations I had when I was trying to lose weight. And I guess that’s kind of how it is. Our lives are what they are and we make choices based on what we hope to achieve. When losing weight, we are conscious of how the choice to eat that extra slice of pizza or those three cookies will feel if it sabotages our weigh-in the following week. 

As a Lifetime member, only the first weigh-in of the month counts. What that means is, the first time I attend a meeting of any given month, I have to weigh and that is the weight that counts for tracking my progress as a Lifetime member. I attended meetings throughout June, but only weighed in on June 5. I think I had the intention to weigh every week, but as the week passed and I wanted to partake in a treat on Tuesday or Wednesday (something I would NEVER do while I was on the weight loss program) I decided, “Well, I don’t have to weigh-in every week. So…I won’t.” 

Not going to lie, but as this week edged closer and closer, I started to get concerned, so I put on my determined hat middle of last week and decided no more treats and make all the workouts between then and tomorrow and make sure I hit the goal. So, this past week has been fabulous. I even had some cake on Sunday for Vincent’s birthday, but I was right back on the wagon Monday and Tuesday.

I might step on the scale tomorrow morning at home so I can be sure I’m prepared for whatever the WW scale says. I think I’m going to do fine. But it’s been interesting this first month. It’s almost as though I need to set a goal on a month-to-month basis of maintaining and hitting goal so that I focus.

By the way, I was out shopping with the girls and saw that some exercise shorts were on sale, so I picked them up to buy and got the size marked L for Large. I didn’t think I needed to try them on, so I bought them and took them home. I put them on before working out on Sunday and realized they were too big. The elastic gapped on my waist! That is crazy that I would need the size marked M for Medium in shorts, but — holy cow, I do!! So I took them back on Monday night. I had gotten a 20% off coupon in my e-mail so I did some extra shopping and thought maybe I would get a couple of exercise tanks to go with the shorts. But I was smart this time…I took both the M and the L to the dressing room to try on. And, what do you know? I need the sized marked M for Medium in shirts, too! That just made me happy so I thought I would share.

Also, I’m still crossfitting and on Sunday, I actually did one of the girl-named WOD’s at the Rx weight. I didn’t do it fast enough to get my name on the board, but I did do it in pretty good fashion. It was “Grace” and it was 30 Clean & Jerks at 95 pounds for time. I did it in 5:15, about a minute off where I’d need to be to get my name on the board at my the box. So, yay me! 🙂

Okay, I’m on this string of posts where no one comments, so break that for me, okay? How are you all doing with your plans? I know a few of you are doing weight loss plans of your own. Share with me! How’s it going?

And I leave you with this bit of motivation:

Link Here

Weight Watchers Wednesday (20) – What I Left Behind

Today I want to discuss the weight loss programs I left behind. You know, I started (and quit) Weight Watchers many many times before this last time. months after babies were born, I’d shamefully make my way in for my first weigh-in, just horrified at how much weight I’d put on during pregnancy. I would then lose 10% of my body weight and I’d think I could keep doing it on my own. I couldn’t.

Today, I want to tell you about all the times I started another weight loss plan that was not Weight Watchers. Because as many times as I started Weight Watchers, there were other times I started another plan. One of those quick weight loss plans. Yes, one of those plans that advertises that you can lose 3-5 pounds per week without exercising!! One time, the quick weight loss plan worked for me. It cost me a boat-load of money, but I stuck to it and I lost 60 pounds in 3 months. I mean, I ate maybe 900 calories a day and I didn’t exercise (other than playing volleyball a couple times a week) until I hit the goal weight. I gained about 15 of it back in short order, but managed to maintain the other 45 pound loss until the next pregnancy. Because that program worked so well — even though it was buckoo expensive!! — I went back after I had that next baby and was successful again. I didn’t get all the way down to my goal, but I got back to where I was pre-pregnancy, took up my running activity again, and maintained until the next pregnancy.

When I had my third baby (my sweet Helen), I was actually successful breastfeeding her for awhile, so I couldn’t take all the pills and supplements required with that program. That was one of the times I went to Weight Watchers. Once I weaned Helen, I went back on the quick weight loss diet, trying to figure out how I could purchase the products online to avoid the hassle of checking in three times a week at a weight loss center. I found a website here and there that carried the same products under a different name. I’d lose 15 pounds, gain 10, lose 10, gain 5, up and down up and down over and over.

After each of my pregnancies with the boys, I went back and tried this program again (in between attempts at Weight Watchers). I shelled out money for products. As you can see from this picture…they sure were put to good use (not).

This is a picture of all the products that sat in my cupboard the whole time I’ve been doing the Weight Watchers program this last round. I kept all this stuff because a) it is expensive and b) it was my fall-back — if I was struggling with Weight Watchers I planned to use the pills to “jump-start” things if necessary.

Well, I never needed any of this. 

Vitamins, Pills, protein supplements

Closer view of all the pills…

When I had failed so many times with Weight Watchers, and then had one time been so successful with this expensive quick weight loss program, I thought that my body just couldn’t lose weight without the help of pills and supplements. What really happened was I didn’t follow the plan. Or I would for a little bit, but then I would relapse into my old ways. I loved eating pasta and cake and I didn’t like to limit my portions. My schedule was hectic, working outside the home full-time and opposite my husband, there was no time for a regular exercise schedule. So, I would go and give these quick weight loss people a lot of money and take their pills and supplements and see some short term success…which would hold me over until the next time.

I was about 5 pounds away from goal when I started thinking about all that stuff in the cupboard. What would I do with it? Most of it is expired anyway, since I bought it in the months after I had Vincent (most of it expires in 2 years). And then I thought, “Wow. I’ve lost all this weight this time and not put one pill in my mouth.” (I won’t lie, the bars and drinks actually taste good sometimes and the drinks are 2 points plus on Weight Watchers and the bars vary from 3-5 points plus — so on occasion, when I didn’t have another healthy option for a snack, I have had them.) But I didn’t have to take “metabolizers” — I just increased my activity and my metabolism increased on its own. I didn’t have to take “neuroslim” because I learned how to pay attention to my body and feed myself on queue with healthy options. I didn’t need to take “essential fatty acids” in pill form because I ate a regular and healthy dose of olive oil and real butter to get my fat intake. I stopped taking multivitamins in pill form when my doctor showed me an article about how it’s more effective to eat a balanced, healthy diet because our bodies don’t absorb the vitamins in pill form all that well anyway.

Two weeks after I lost Gregory, I weighed 208 pounds. I last officially weighed in at 157 pounds. I lost 50 pounds without resorting to pills and supplements. I worked out, learned about tracking my food, and made healthy lifestyle changes.

This Happened

BTW — ^^that picture? ^^that dress? Well, I took that picture Saturday. I wore that dress Saturday. The last time I wore that dress was to my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary in 2004. Actually, when I bought that dress, i was a size 16. I had it altered one of the times I lost all my weight down to a size 6/7. It was snug, but not too snug that I couldn’t wear it. And I was ecstatic.

I wrote this because I know there are lots of people out there who have tried weight watchers a gazillion times and have done the quick weight loss programs on and off. I know I’m not the only one.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who finally figured out that healthy lifestyle choices are the way to go. But if there’s one thing I hope this post can do, I hope I can convince someone who is about to shell out $2000 for a quick weight loss program (including products) that they really can do it without taking pills. I thought I couldn’t. But I could.

Maybe you think you can’t.

But you can.

Weight Watchers Wednesday (19)

Today I write to you as a Lifetime Member of Weight Watchers!

The gold key = Lifetime charm

My plan last week to adjust my goal weight to the top of the range was a great idea. I weighed in three pounds under that and because I’d maintained within 2 pounds of that weight for the past two months, they were able to retroactively set my status at Lifetime as of Thursday, June 5!

Needless to say, I was very excited. My leader called me Monday to let me know she had all the paperwork so I could submit it and they might refund me the last month’s charges I incurred since I hit it before a week had passed into June. so, we’ll see. I don’t particularly care about a refund, just that I don’t have to pay any further charges! 🙂

So, now I move into the maintenance phase. In many ways this could prove to be a bigger challenge than the losing part. My understanding is that now only my first weigh-in of each month counts and as long as I am within 2 pounds of the weight, I maintain my status as Lifetime member. I can weigh in more than once a month, but whatever the first weigh-in is each month — that is the one I have to use.

My plan is to continue to attend weekly meetings. I may or may not weigh in each meeting, but for sure will have to on the first weigh-in of each month. I think I’ll continue to post these Weight Watchers Wednesday posts to share ideas and tips they share in each meeting and how it is going with maintenance.

So here were my pictures at the beginning of this journey:

Size 14 jeans; XL shirt

And here I am now! 32.2 pounds gone!

Size 8 skirt — this is in the Wellness Area at my workplace
where we have the Weight Watchers At-Work Meetings
This is me on Sunday — at my niece/goddaughter’s bday party
I couldn’t even wear that shirt when I started this!


Weight Watchers Wednesday (17)

Oops. I missed a week or two here. Sorry!

I missed my meeting last week due to a work function. Darn Party-In-The-Atrium-Recognition-Days!!

I’ll say that I think I’m getting very close to my goal. On Saturday morning, I stepped on my scale at home and I was 1.8 pounds from goal on that. This morning, I stepped on my scale again and I am still 1.8 pounds from goal per home-scale. Not bad. I’m happy about it.

I’ve not been very good at tracking, but since I know I am having trouble tracking, I have been trying to stick to the Power Foods. What this means is that I have not been having a lot of starchy carbs, I’ve been eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and lean protein. I haven’t had much in the way of indulgences (disclaimer: at least no indulgences since my *ahem* 5 Mother’s Day Skinnygirl Margartas on Saturday) so not tracking hasn’t sabotaged me like it normally would.

Huh, maybe I can do this Simply Filling technique after all?  I’m not sure if it’s the way to go long-term, but I’m glad I could make it work the past couple of weeks.

One thing that is fairly new at our house is that I need to put Dani on a gluten-free diet. She had some digestive issues about 18 months ago that we had diagnosed and then we treated. We kept her gluten-limited for awhile, but over time, thought she was okay and stopped that. Well, a couple of weeks ago, I realized she had been complaining of abdominal pain for a few weeks, so I took her to the doctor. The X-ray showed that her stomach was twice its normal size — but seemingly empty — meaning probably bloated with air/gas. Plus the same digestive issue we treated 18 months ago required treatment again. So, no more gluten for Dani and we’ll be heading to a specialist at Children’s Mercy in June for an evaluation. Her blood test came back negative for Celiacs Disease, but I know that test often comes back negative and people still have Celiacs Disease. So, we’ll get her all checked out — and keep her off gluten!

Since Dani is GF, I am trying to do the same. I figure she needs SOMEONE in solidarity, right!?! And honestly, most of the family diet will be GF, but some things are just too expensive and inconvenient to do for the whole family, so they’ll still get some gluten (unless we identify issues with any of them in the future). Honestly, I don’t mind being GF for the most part.

Something new I tried this week was making Paleo Banana Bread. Here is the recipe I found:

4 eggs
4 bananas
1/3 cup coconut flour
1/2 cup almond butter (FYI — I couldn’t find Almond butter (looking in wrong place apparently) and so I substituted 1/2 grass-fed butter)
1 tsp baking powder (need to get recipe for GF baking powder from my sister)
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp vanilla
a bunch of cinnamon — I can’t remember how much

That is from memory — I am having a hard time finding it again online! 😦

Anyway, here’s a picture —

Just put into the oven (bake for 55 min at 350 degrees)

All Finished! It was crumbly — and tasted really good!

I’ll report back next week to let you know just how close to goal I was at my meeting. 🙂

Have a great week!!