Thankful Thursdays (20)

Good morning!  It is Thursday and today, I am thankful…

  • for time with family
  • for new opportunities
  • for the generosity of many people


Thankful Thursdays (19)

Good morning!  It is Thursday and today, I am thankful…

  • for sunshine
  • for the ability to travel to another family wedding this weekend with the kids
  • for books on tape!

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Thankful Thursdays (18)

This week, I thank God for many blessings:

  • The gift of marriage; My youngest sister married March 24 and my cousin married April 7.  
  • Family; While my family is nowhere near perfect, we all have our flaws of course, we are a family full of love for each other and for life.
  • Friends; This week I had the pleasure of sharing most of the day with a new friend while our children played and I also had the pleasure of corresponding with old friends from whom I obtained wise advice.
  • Health; While I am striving to get to a healthier state, I recognize that overall, I am a healthy person – mind, body and spirit – and for that, I am thankful.
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Thankful Thursdays (15)

Today I am thankful:
  • for warm spring days, with sun shining, and light breezes blowing
  • for time to run and then still time to get to the all school Mass at our parish
  • for beautiful children’s voices raising praise to our Lord
  • for Rebecca being a fabulous hostess to Dani’s Flat Stanley in West Virginia – all the kids (and the teacher, I suspect) LOVED it!
  • for time spent with a good friend over lunch
  • for basketball…of the men’s college variety.  I love March Madness.

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Thankful Thursdays (14)

Today, I am thankful…
  • for setting my alarm early enough, that even though I didn’t get up until 30 minutes later, I still had time to go out for a run
  • for middle-of-the-night Thunderstorms
  • for the confidence exhibited by my manager to allow me to put together an important analysis that highlighted my ability to look ahead 4-12 months and contribute to an important decision
  • for my children.  Every. Stinkin’. Little. and Big. One of ’em!

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