Monday Mumbles – 34

Yeah, I haven’t mumbled in awhile. But here goes.

1.  This week is going to be one of the most interesting weeks of my life at work.  We have a big conversion and it’s all about to go live.  And I’m one of those people who has the attitude — “Just Do It!” so I am all ready to go.  🙂

2.  Volleyball season is officially over for us in the Parochial League.  Sarah’s been attending open gyms in anticipation of tryouts for a club spot.  Pray for her!  I really hope she makes a team — mostly because I want her to practice, practice, practice!  (she really just wants to play the games…but at this point, I just want her to practice). 

3.  Dani is very glad volleyball is over.  It’s just not her thing.  But now she can focus completely on swim team and guitar lessons.  

4.  I’ve been on a new medication for about 3 weeks now.  I have a follow-up appointment today with the doctor.  I hope everything is in order.  I do feel a difference in my head about 30 minutes after I take the medicine.  As far as whether it has assisted me in conquering my anxiety, I am not sure yet.  I have had a lot of stressful things happen in the last couple of weeks — so I wonder if it will take longer to help me stop stressing out so much. 

5.  Sarah’s informed me that the kids in her class are pretty much “getting over” Dominic now.  I am glad, I think.  I was wondering…if they did that for too long, how he might feel whenever they did ultimately “get over” him and I’m glad it’s happening now just a couple weeks in, LOL.

6.  My Weight Watchers plan is going pretty well.  I’ve recruited two more friends to go through it with me so now that’s 4 of us!  It really does make it easier when you have people in place for support.

7.  And now I present:  

Green Lantern….

…a Green Crayon
…SpiderGirl and Saint Kateri Tekakwitha

 …a 1980’s Rock Girl!!

8.  Helen took a pose before swim lessons the other day.  This girl does not take a bad picture, I don’t think!

9.  I downloaded the Rosary on iTunes and have been using it to pray my Rosary in the mornings as I get ready for work.  I always worry that praying while I’m doing something else (like getting ready for work) takes away from the prayer I am praying.  You know, distractions and all.  Am I doing something wrong by praying a Rosary while I put on make-up, etc?  Just wondering…

10.  Happy Halloween on Wednesday!  Happy All Saints Day on Thursday!  And have a Blessed Feast of All Souls!  Please keep my Grandparents and Aunt Bea in your prayers, and I will also keep all the souls in purgatory in my prayers.