Uncharacteristic Rant By Me

I’m going to take a deep breath and exhale slowly and then hit…Publish.
Oh. My. Goodness.  I just read a comment on another blog that has my blood boiling.
First of all, I read this great post at More Like Mary~More Like Me.  I tweeted it.  I posted it to Facebook.  I think her analogy is spot on.
Typically, I try to stay out of comboxes on posts like this.  And here’s why:
Anonymous comments like this:

Crazy… I do what the great majority of my Catholic friends around me do… Go to Church, Kneel, Pray, Take the Eucharist, Go home, pop a birth control pill with the blessing of my Catholic husband and his entire Catholic family. Get up the next Monday and drive my 2 kids to Catholic School and meet the other Moms of that School and talk about their two (at the most three )kids. Get Real Catholics …Vatican 3 is necessary and birth control should be embraced.

This drives me crazy.  This is what George Weigel wrote about in his book, The Courage to Be Catholic.  The Catholic Church in America has an illness.  It is an illness of fidelity.  And this lack of fidelity is throughout the ranks, and some of the most vocal and blatant and unapologetic are the laity, many like Anonymous.
This lack of fidelity is evident in the amount of Catholics okay with divorce, okay with artificial contraception, okay with legal abortion, okay with IVF, okay with same-sex “marriage”.  This lack of fidelity was perpetuated while I was growing up with Catholic schools that failed in their mission to educate children in the Catholic faith.  This lack of fidelity was blessed by parents too concerned with sexual freedom and selfish pursuit of endless youth and happiness who dropped off their kids at Catholic school thinking that was their only duty as Catholic parents.  
It’s so very sad that the “great majority” of her “Catholic” friends do as she writes.  It’s very telling that she uses the words “take the Eucharist” because with her attitude about the Catholic church and Church teachings, that is the only way she could get the Eucharist is to “take” it.  She surely wouldn’t humble herself to be in a position to merely receive it.
Some of us Catholics try to present ourselves to receive our Lord, most likely combing our consciences for anything that might make us unworthy and might cause us to refrain until we’ve received absolution in the confessional.  Some of us try to actually refrain from receiving when we know we need to get to Confession. 

Abstaining from receiving the Eucharist is HARD to do.  But we MUST, lest we pile mortal sin on top of mortal sin!

Going to confession is HARD to do.  It is humbling.  I rarely get in and out of there without needing my kleenex.

Which brings me to another telling point of her comment:  NOWHERE in her comment about what she and the “great majority” of her “Catholic” friends do, does she mention CONFESSION.  The attitude expressed through her words drips with PRIDE and lacks HUMILITY. 
The complete lack of humility and utter lack of respect for the Catholic church and what the Church teaches that is evident in this comment burns me to my core.  
And it does so because I love The Catholic Church.  
I love her teachings.  
No, I didn’t always know Catholic Church teaching.  No, even when I suspected what it was, I didn’t always follow it.  I still fall into sin now!  But the Church need NOT conform Her teachings to accept MY sinfulness!

I’m still not perfect, but it is I who is imperfect, NOT Holy Mother Church.

Yes, it’s inconvenient, difficult at times, to live my life according to the teachings of Christ.  Doing the right thing is rarely the easy thing. But it’s also SUCH A BLESSING!  The Grace rains down on me, on my husband, on my family.  We could NEVER do it without that Grace!
The recent disregard for the Catholic Church, my religious beliefs, by the current administration was NOT unexpected (sorry, I’ve been pretty pessimistic from the start), but it is still very sad.  
I agree with Kaitlyn’s statement at the end of her posts wholeheartedly:  

What matters is that the government is infringing on our religious liberty in a big, big way.

What makes you think your beliefs aren’t next?

Indeed.  What DOES make anyone believe that this is the end?  It is just the beginning.  This infringement of religious liberty, if successful, will signal that other freedoms are up for grabs and the government will take them all, left unchecked.

But alas, perhaps I should continue believing that probably anyone who isn’t Catholic needn’t worry about it.  Because when the Catholic Church is persecuted, and should our leaders all be fined, imprisoned, whatever the case might be…there will be few left to stand up for others and little else left to fight for anyway.