2015 – You Got Your Work Cut Out For You

Happy New Year!

Wow, I haven’t been blogging much, eh? I am not sure how much that will change with the new year. With all of the changes in 2014, my available time for writing has been cut to bare minimum levels.

Here are some photos to share that show how I’ve enjoyed this holiday season. Craig had time off from work at this time of year for the first time in all of our 15+ years of marriage. The kids, of course, were out of school. And I also had vacation scheduled. So we’ve had lots of time to hang out and do fun things as a family. We stayed home on Christmas Eve since I did have to work that day, but went to Mass together, came home and had some food and watched “It’s A Wonderful Life” before heading to bed. 

Sarah made some yummy treats!

My children dressed and ready for Christmas Eve Mass

Christmas morning was fun. The kids got some cool presents. We went to their Grandma’s afterward to have lasagna and open presents there. After that, we went to Craig’s sister’s for more dessert and more presents. 

My girls and I got some Royals gear…

During the week between Christmas and New Year’s we did things like go to the library, hang out and watch movies at home on our new TV, enjoy our new refrigerator (two items that were part of our family Christmas this year), watch football, play with the kids with their new toys, work out, sleep in and go to Dave & Buster’s for a family fun day. Much fun was had by all.


Every year, the proverbial New Year’s Resolutions posts make their rounds. I’m no exception. I like a blank page as much as anyone. As I thought about what 2015 might have in store, however, I realized that 2014 was a really good year in the realm of attained goals. I lost the weight I wanted to, I set and met fitness goals I wouldn’t have dreamed about before 2014. Financially, we made some sound decisions and look forward to the future doing the same. The kids all grew in numerous ways. If there was one place I can see major room for improvement (for me) it would be my spiritual life. The challenge Father posed in his homily at last night’s Vigil Mass hit home with me. It’s been a few years since I have set some spiritual growth goals for myself and I think it’s high time I set to work on that again. Even though I met many fitness and health goals during 2014, I still have room for improvement there as well.

I am nothing, if not goal-oriented. That’s been my mode of operation all of my life. So, I shall kick off 2015 by listing out some of my goals here. (Maybe if I actually redesign the look of my blog I can list them out in a sidebar or something to keep me motivated…)

Spiritual Growth Goal(s):

  • Pray a morning offering upon rising each day. This is something I’ve been meaning to start doing for probably 10 years now and it’s high time I stop meaning to do it and just do it.
  • One extra Mass each week. I think once a week, I could walk to the downtown Cathedral and make it to Mass over my lunch hour. We go each Sunday as a family. Back when Sarah and Dani were babies, I made it to daily Mass before work for several months, maybe even a year, but change in employment caused that to end. Maybe I can start making my way back to a daily Mass this way.
I think that’s manageable enough for that side of things.

Health/Fitness-Related Goal(s):
  • Maintain my strong performance with regard to the 5 biometric standards they check each year (cholesterol, resting heart rate, blood pressure, glucose and BMI)
  • Paleo way of life, 100% (no falling off the wagon after 30 days… :/ )
  • CrossFit at least 4 times per week (been doing this for over a year now, so just a maintenance thing)
  • Improve my Triathlon time from last year
Personal/Other Goal(s):
  • Save enough by August to pre-pay pre-K tuition for Vincent. This will help the cash flow enormously come August.
  • Achieve other financial savings goals (we have goals related to a new car purchase, housing updates, summer camps for kids and vacation/travel)
  • Read one fiction book per month
  • Make progress toward my life goal of working in a business partner role within Human Resources (this would be a change in direction in career that’s not 100% necessary, but something I’d really like to try)
I would like to update my blog. I mean, the look of it. I know I want a cleaner format, but I don’t have much creativity to contribute other than that. And I also don’t know how to do it myself. So, if you have some suggestions of someone I could pay, or even someone who might just be able to help me do it myself, I’d love to hear it. 🙂 

There you go. As you who have followed my blog the past few years know, for me to achieve goals, the first step is to get them out in an accountability format. 

Cheers! Here’s to a fabulous 2015.


Off With the Old, On With the New — Hello 2013!

I’ve been mulling an end of year / beginning of year post all day long.  A new year brings along…well, newness.  It’s like a blank canvas and we’re anxious to paint our story once again.  A new year is like a brand new coloring book and we can flip through all the outlined pictures and see that no one has scribbled all over this one or already colored that one.  We get to pick!  

There’s so much about 2013 that will be the same for me:  Still a work-outside-the-home-mom; Still trying to figure out the preteen years, but potentially adding a second girl to hit those phases in this house; Still trying to grow closer to Christ — whether it be continuing to attempt a Rosary every morning as I get ready for work, or making it to extra Masses during the week; Still confused about my relationships with my parents and how they impact the kind of mom I am.

There’s so much that will be new in 2013, too.  The biggest new thing is another baby — one thing I know from experience is how you can hardly remember what life was like before that baby once s/he is born.  Other new things include my first year as an officer at my company, my first year completely as a spectator with regard to my kids and their sports/activities.

I love to make New Year’s Resolutions.  And I love to break New Year’s Resolutions.

This year, I am really going to make a much better effort at making and keeping the following:

  • Stay caught up on my Reading the Catechism in a year.  I’m terrible about getting about 8 days behind and then catching up all at once.  So, every morning, I’m going to read that e-mail and stay caught up!
  • I’m going to blog on Wednesdays and Fridays.  If  a Monday post sneaks in there once in awhile, we won’t cry about it.  But I think I can get something up on Wednesdays and Fridays.
  • I’m going to stay on the budget I create.  I was doing really good at this until about May of 2012.  Then, I started going all willy-nilly.  While we were able to absorb this, I just want to say…the picture ain’t pretty when I go all willy-nilly on the budget.
  • I have a few private ones having to do with my food issues that I’m just going to keep private for now.  I’ve written enough by now that you probably know I have real issues with food.  Just because I’m not suffering from anorexia nervosa or bulimia does not mean I don’t struggle with an eating disorder.  Mine just happens to be more socially acceptable for some reason.

I think I’d be a little bit untruthful to say that I wasn’t nervous about what 2013 will bring.  I haven’t had my first prenatal appointment so I haven’t heard the heartbeat of this baby.  But, I’ve been religiously taking my injections like a woman (sitting here with ice packs on my bum as we speak!!) and I’m 10 weeks along.  I’ve finally stopped watching for my period to start and I think I’ve finally gotten a good grasp on the idea that I have 6 children.  

I’m anxious that I will have a newborn who is up at all hours of the night while I still have a just-turned-2-year-old who isn’t a reliable all-night sleeper (yes, still have problems with baby boy Vincent these days).  I worry as I discern with Craig whether we should trade in our van for a vehicle that will seat everyone in our family or if we should just keep the two paid-for vehicles we have and carpool whenever the whole lot of us need to go somewhere.  

The new year brings excitement, joy and shiny newness.  

And the new year brings some anxiety.  

But one thing I’ve tried to do over the years is put all of that — the joy, the excitement, the anxiety, the discernment — at the foot of Jesus and trust that He will see me through it all.  

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Happy and Blessed New Year!

It’s the night before the first day of 2012.  As I sit here, I think about how I want to put forth New Year’s Resolutions.  But the things I come up with are all things I’ve already been working on, so it really would be more of a renewed effort, I suppose.
What are your resolutions for 2012, if you have any?
1.  I resolve to finish the four or five blog posts that are sitting in draft form…a couple from 4 months ago!  And I hope I can be a bit more regular with the ideas this year.  I have a few that sit in my brain and pop up every time I’m in the shower or something.  Which is really NOT the ideal time for a good blog idea to come up.
2.  I resolve to get to the Community Center and/or do SOMEthing active four times per week.  I’ve already paid for a 7-week Spin class on Thursday evenings, so I need to get to the pool to swim one or two days a week and run another day a week.  That ought to do me good.
3.  I resolve to keep working toward a more people-centered/people-driven role at my job.  Hey, if I’ve got to have a job anyway, I figure I ought to enjoy it more than I have been.
4.  I resolve to MAKE TIME for a date night with Craig once a month.  I’m gonna have already kept this one for January this coming week, because a sitter is already hired for Tuesday night!  🙂
5.  I resolve to continue to budget and begin paying much more on my student loan this year.  We have no other debt and there’s no excuse for the fact that I haven’t done this yet…other than I got kind of happy that we have no other debt.
There are some things I’d like to resolve to do in 2012, but that I know are failures waiting to happen:
1.  I’d like to resolve to keep my desk/office area at home neat and tidy.  But let’s face it, it’s my biggest clutter magnet and it’s the last thing I want to do when a bed is beckoning me to sleep or a book is begging to be read.
2.  I’d like to resolve to keep my house clean.  But I have a toddler and a baby in the house…’nuff said.
3.  I’d like to resolve to go to daily Mass.  But I tried that at Advent and it lasted 2 weeks.  Work got crazy and I needed to be there early, so that little commitment went by the wayside.  I guess it’s just not meant to be at this stage of my life.

Overall, in 2012, I’d like to live more fully and love more completely.  If I’m able to figure those two things out, I think I’ll have a great year.