Thoughts from a Mom with a Young Basketball Girl (A Mumbles Post – 79)

Good Monday Morning! How is your President’s Day? Mine is FABULOUS now that I know the snow we received last night and early this morning was not enough to compel school closing. So I have a day off work and I am free to do what I will for the next few hours. I scheduled a couple of appointments I needed to get done today and I might slip in for a pedi/mani if I have some time.

I have some lingering thoughts I wanted to write about basketball. Girls basketball in particular, since that is my experience so far. Yesterday was the end of Helen’s basketball season. She plays in a development league for our Catholic schools and it ends in a tournament each year.

1. I love helping to coach her team. A dad is the main coach for the girls and he’s terrific. I mostly just nod my head and reinforce with support. The girls are so much fun. They are all sweet. My experience coaching girls is that sometimes someone needs to step in and discipline a little or keep the girls focused on the task at hand. I have had to do this only a few times in the course of two seasons. These girls really want to learn how to play basketball. AND…they have a ton of fun together. I never have to get on any of them for picking on each other. They laugh. A lot. I love that.

2. Sitting on the bench helps me keep calm and cool perspective. From what I understand, hearing opposing teams’ parents up in the crowd would most likely cause my blood to boil. So, I am spared all that by coaching. Sad, though, that parents are actually the worst culprits of poor sportsmanship.

3. Speaking of sportsmanship…parents — your kids are watching you. They hear what you say and they see what you do. If you are poor sports, your kids will be, too. 

4. Evidence of #3: yesterday, Helen’s team lost in the tournament championship game by a buzzer beater put-back from the other team. Heartbreaking. She came back to me with tears. I told her to take a deep breath — it was time to congratulate the other team on a job well done. As they went through the line, the first couple of girls from the other team leaned into her face and chanted, “We won! We won!” in that nasty little girl way some girls do. When Helen told me this, what could I say? Teaching moment right there — we discussed that we still congratulate the winners on a game well-played and try to win next time. And should we win, remember how it felt to be on the receiving end of poor sportsmanship and do the right thing.

5. Oh. And one of the girls on the other team kept jabbing, pushing and pinching my daughter and when Helen asked her to stop, she said, “This is basketball!” 

As you know, the instigator in these situations, often goes unnoticed and when someone retaliates, they are often seen by the referee and called for a foul. Several times this year, my daughter and other girls on the team have gotten so frustrated with the physical play that they have pushed back. We talk with them about no pushing, but it’s so hard for 8- and 9-year-old girls to understand how to play a physical game without getting frustrated. And honestly…jabbing and pinching is really out of line. The referees weren’t seeing it because my daughter didn’t have the ball when it was going on. So…what a pain in the butt to help my daughter figure out how to stand up for herself and not take any crap from these other girls…yet, when she does push back, she is the one “caught” and called for a foul. Oh…and thanks to that girl — she thinks that THIS is basketball.

6. And honestly, I guess it IS basketball, right? I have been around girls’ basketball all my life. I played it from 7th grade through high school. I watch the women’s college game and WNBA on tv and I see that it is a much more physical game than the mens’ game. So basically, the bullies in the game are the winners. Great.

7. I had a friend mention that maybe she’d have her kid play a city rec league as opposed to our Catholic school league because the examples of poor sportsmanship were so disappointing. My daughter loves her friends and loves playing for her school so I don’t think that’s an option for her, but I understand the consideration.

8. Are we Catholics really so bad at sportsmanship? Or…are we just like everyone else, but it’s so disappointing because we should be holding ourselves and each other up to a higher standard? It is this question that I grapple with any time I am disappointed with Catholic school, church, etc. I think there is definitely a large part of it that causes disappointment simply because as Christians, we should be treating each other better.

9. I’m happy the Helen loves basketball. Maybe I will try to get her some private coaching or a camp or two this summer so she grows in her skills a little faster this year. Of course, if she’d grow a few inches…that would probably help her the most, haha.

10. Basketball is a great game. I prefer to watch when one of my kids is not on the floor because the emotional investment is so great. I had a blast playing it. Watching my kids go through this stage has made me wonder if I was one of the bullies. Of course, I didn’t start playing until 7th grade, my coordination was pretty well-developed by then so maybe it didn’t have to be as physical. I don’t know.

Any experiences out there to share? Does it get any better as the girls get older? I remember in high school that our coach said, “If you’re getting pushed around…push back and do it hard…you get one foul to make sure they know you aren’t going to let them push you around.” I don’t even recall it being that much of a problem. 

But I am 41 years old now, I might not have the best recollection. Do boys’ teams even have to discuss this sort of thing? I wonder if my experience is unique to the league we play in or if I went around town to all sorts of girls’ basketball tournaments if I would see the same stuff.

Is it really better, though?


Monday Mumbles – 78 (CrossFit Competition Edition)

Happy 9th-to-last Monday of 2014. (Why do I like counting down Mondays?)

Let’s mumble, shall we?

1. First CrossFit competition ever this weekend is in the books. It went all right. The hard part about doing things for the first time is not really knowing what to expect. The things I will make sure I do better next time:

  • Buy/Wear clothes that fit properly. I haven’t updated my workout wardrobe very much in the last year…it showed — fortunately not too much — but adjusting my clothing while trying to complete burpees or transitioning from jump rope to sit-ups was not that much fun.
  • Drink more water. I didn’t get dehydrated, but I don’t think I was in the best shape where water intake was concerned.
  • Try to farm out my kids to friends’ houses if I can. My kids do an awful lot to pitch in and help me out on a regular basis — I’d like for a day I am competing to be fun for them instead of a drag. They just aren’t into this CrossFit thing like I am (yet).
  • Stick with Paleo regimen for the whole month leading up to it. I fell off the wagon when the gym’s “30-day challenge” ended at the beginning of October and never really got back on it before this competition. My body processes food more efficiently eating that way and I really do notice a huge difference.

2. That being said, I had a good time and I think I did pretty well for my first competition. I ranked 15th out of 28 women in the scaled division. My ranks in the workouts broke down like this:

  • WOD 1: 9th — this WOD played to my strengths as Deadlift is one of my better lifts and the weights were good for high reps
  • WOD 2: 23rd — this WOD was one of my weakest lifts — Snatch. But, I did PR (80#) but it was only a power snatch. I need to keep working on sticking a Snatch in the squat position. Dang 41-year-old hips and knees!
  • WOD 3: 16th — I completed this WOD last for the day and I felt wiped out. I thought afterwards that maybe if I hadn’t eaten my meal about 60 minutes before, I might have been better, but I don’t know. It was a paleo meal, so the food wasn’t the problem, but maybe the timing of eating it? It was a WOD that was 3 rounds of 400m run-30 single jump-rope jumps, 20 ab-mat situps and 10 shoulder-to-overhead presses. By the third time I headed out for 400m run, I was over it. It helped me push to get through that last round, but I know I didn’t run the way I typically do (but, of course, my pants were falling down, too). However, I think 16th is probably about right for that performance.
  • WOD 4: 12th — this WOD was one where you picked up 80 pounds (two plates that totaled that) ran down to a sled-type thing, loaded the weight and then pushed it to the finish line. I did it in 27 seconds (well slightly more than 27 seconds). I liked that WOD a lot, but it was over so quickly!
  • The way the competition score seems to work is to add up your ranks in each WOD and that is your score. You want a low score. My total points were 60. It seems like if you want to be in the running to win a competition, it’s good to win at least one of the WODs and/or be in the top 10 for most of them. (The competitor in me takes note of such things.)

3. My kids were great. I wish I would have taken a picture of them being good. I had Dani, Dominic and Helen with me. Sarah stayed at home with Vincent since he’d been fighting off a cold most of last week. Dani got up from her perch to come watch a couple of the WODs, but on the last one, she informed me she was just gonna wait in the chair. ha.

4. When we got home, I was wiped out. I couldn’t really rest that much, though. I guess my body needed to calm down a bit from the day. I have also noticed this phenomenon when I have run half marathons or even when I did my triathlon. You’d think you could take a nap…but you really can’t.

5. Oh and during that last WOD, I thought more than once that I was never doing a competition again. I’m sure that feeling will pass and I’ll do another one. I’m too competitive not to.

6. I was HUNGRY Saturday night, too. Now, I typically can put some steak away. I am a meat-loving fool. But I even surprised myself with the amount of steak and crab legs I ate Saturday night. Yes, I stopped at the grocery store and picked out a couple of bacon wrapped filets, a ribeye and a pound of Alaskan Snow Crab Legs. I didn’t eat all of it Saturday night…but a pretty good portion.

7. I was so wiped out, that I forgot to set our clocks back Saturday night before I went to bed. Doh! So, Craig and I got up and got ready to go to 8:00 a.m. Mass Sunday  morning and were just discussing getting the kids up when Craig looked at his phone and saw it was only 6:00 a.m. and not 7:00 a.m. I just went and ate breakfast. I guess that’s a positive.

8. Helen and I had a little afternoon date yesterday. It was fun. She’s so sweet.

Mommy-Helen Selfie

9. I am clearing out our storage room so that we can then clear out and clean the other side of our garage in the hopes we will buy a new car soon and have a place to house it. I went through one box in the storage room that had this “love note” from my Sarah. It is probably about three or four years old.

I miss Sarah’s love-notes

10. We have a busy week ahead. We spent about 10 minutes before dinner yesterday going over how it’s all going to go down. Lots of driving for me, lots of kids getting their homework done efficiently and being ready to go when it is time.

So, deep breath. Here we go.

Have a great week!


Monday Mumble – 77

Good Monday Morning. It’s about the time of year where I count how many more Mondays there are…so including today, there are TEN more Mondays in 2014. Okay, that’s scary. Let’s mumble, shall we?

1. Craig and I had a rare chance to get out with a couple of friends for dinner Friday night. We hadn’t been able to see this couple in well over a year. In the meantime, she’s battled and beaten breast cancer, our kids have all gotten older (and busier!!) and we had a great time catching up with them.

Sweet friend and she’s so pretty!

One of the best parts was that they needed to bring their youngest since their daughter wasn’t feeling well enough to watch him. He and Dominic are about 8 months apart in age and have always gotten along so well. I love how it seemed like we all just picked up where we left off. We had a great visit.

Dominic and his friend with dessert
ummmm, face first? haha

2. The Royals are in the World Series. They are currently down in the series 2-3 to the San Francisco Giants. BUT! The series returns to Kansas City tomorrow night and I am praying they win and push it to a 7th game Wednesday night. Of course, I hope they win the whole thing, but one prayer at a time, right?

3. This coming weekend I will compete for the first time in a CrossFit competition. I am excited! Craig is signed up, too. Of course, his new job decided to make working Saturday a “Mandatory” day, but if they switch it to “Voluntary” he hopes to still be able to compete.

The Coach Friday Morning caught this photo while
I was swinging a kettlebell 🙂

4. On Saturday (day before yesterday) I strung together pull-ups for the first time! They are still “Kipping” pull-ups, but I didn’t fall off the bar and I did four in a row! Then this morning, I did pull-ups with the whole workout. That made me feel accomplished! I continue to attend my workouts in the mornings before work. I’m grateful for Sarah being willing to get up early and help me out with this. Considering Craig’s schedule will be nights, this is going to have to continue for the foreseeable future.

5. So, the new job for Craig. It’s going well. He’s working a lot. I think he likes getting paid overtime (something he didn’t get in his last position) and we’re wading through all the benefits, which are very good. We’re getting used to the new schedule. This week is a transition week, next week he starts his “for real” shift, which is nights. We did nights when he worked at the casino, so no biggie there. But I do have to figure out transportation for all the kids activities a bit differently. I’m going to be working all day and driving around all evening it looks like.

6. Sarah’s volleyball season with her 8th grade team at school is going very well. They are undefeated and having a good time. Starting next week, she’ll be attending some special sessions and/or practices for her club team as well as finishing out the regular season for school. It will be busy!

7. Dani gets started back up swimming (again) Monday next week. They had a change in Aquatics director at the Y who has spent October trying to ramp up the program a little bit and ensuring coaches can be at practices. Dani still wants to improve enough to try and make it onto the competitive team through the YMCA. She still needs to perfect her Breastroke and Butterfly. I know she’ll do it with some hard work. She set a goal to be ready to try out in February, so we’ll see.

8. Helen is all signed up for basketball this year. She wanted me to help coach again, so I said I would. We haven’t found out our practice time(s) yet. That may very well throw a wrench into things, too. Hoping to find out soon!!

9. The first quarter for school ended last week. We have conferences this week. After our initial assessment with Helen, and adding some opportunity for one-on-one study time with her godmother, she salvaged the first quarter nicely. She still has some work to do in Math, but as she went in for her Friday quizzes last week, I told her, “It’s a new quarter! Double-check your work and take your time to get started on the right foot.”

10. The new schedule for Craig means we have to figure out a new day/time to get grocery shopping done. We’ve done a couple of different things so far. One week, Craig went on a Friday evening. Then, I had Friday off work a week ago, so I was able to do it then. But this past week, there was no opportunity to go until Saturday. Oi vey. I do not like grocery shopping on Saturday midday. I am NOT going to do that again. I’m looking over next weekend’s schedule and trying to see how we can switch it up this time. That’s the hard part about Craig getting weekends off just like me — except that he’s worked an extra day the last couple of weeks anyway — the option to do certain things during the week when it’s not crazy-busy has been almost eliminated. But, we’ll figure it out, I am sure.

Vincent dressed himself Saturday.
And he was crazy in the grocery store, too.

Have a great week!






Monday Mumbles – 76

Good morning! It’s Monday and I haven’t done a Mumbles post in about a month. So, here you go!

1. I posted my results from completing the Paleo Challenge with the CrossFit box last night. In case you missed it. I’m pretty happy about those and motivated to keep on going with the nutrition changes.

2. This weekend, I was talking with Dominic about school. He’s very excited that his class is getting a new student today. He was listing off the “SuperKids” the new student would need to complete before being all caught up with the class. It was kind of cracking me up. So, I asked him if his teachers knew that he could read already. Do you know what that little turkey says to me? He leans in like he is going to tell me something important that is meant for my ears only and says, “I kind of like to keep that a secret.” Ha!

3. Because Dominic’s reading abilities are advanced, it’s difficult to find appropriate books for him to read. I’ve played around trying to pick out books for him and he’s let me know that I should just “stick to the Star Wars books, Mom.” Dominic asked me to read The Hobbit with him. Personally, I’m not a huge Tolkein fan. There are so many details and lots of words and it’s a tedious process to get through the book. My dad suggested perhaps the early Harry Potter books (Books 1-3) and I’m tempted. But, I think I’m going to try again at the library and see what kind of series I can find that might interest Dominic.

4. Oh and this is funny, too. Dominic uses “Dom” as his name on his papers at school. I think it might be because he really does not like writing, so “Dom” is shorter than “Dominic.” He also puts H after his name all the time — even when we are signing our names for birthday cards in the family! There’s another Dominic in his class, so my son is “Dominic H.”

5. I mentioned it yesterday, but I’ll tell you today — I got my pull-ups yesterday! They are kipping (so not strict) but I seriously did it. One week after my post about wanting to achieve that goal, I finally did it.

6. This morning, however, I ripped a couple of the callouses on my hands doing pull-ups, so that hurt.

Hands of a CrossFitter
Hands of a CrossFitter

7. Dani has her 2nd cross-country meet this afternoon! Run, Dani, run!!

8. Can you believe we’re at the end of September? The weeks haven’t actually gone by as fast as they had been, but here we are at the end of another month anyway. I just realized my kids only have about four more weeks before the 1st quarter will be done for school. That’s just crazy-talk!

9. Did you know that Kansas City topped Huffington Post’s 5 Cities To Keep On Your Radar. The interesting part of the article was Richmond, VA was 2nd and Charlotte, NC was third. I have aunts, uncles and cousins in Richmond and actually wanted to move there myself at one point. And I have a sister and a brother who both have their families settled in the Charlotte area. Kind of fun.

10. Interesting Twitter Discussion re: discernment and having more children or whether a couple is obligated to keep having children if they are able, happening this morning.

Since we came to our position a year ago, I keep waiting for some sort of regret or wistful weeping for the children I have “foregone” but it has yet to come. I feel very at peace with our family, the number of children we have both on earth and in heaven. I love to visit and hold babies and smell them and fuss over them, but I don’t feel the desire that I worried I would. I’m not sure what that means, if it means anything at all. I don’t mean to be all prideful and say something to the effect — “Of course, we discerned correctly/appropriately because it’s worked out to be so easy and we are at peace.” But the level of peace I feel with everything, helps me to move forward every day appreciating my children, loving them and cherishing the moments I have with them (as much as I am able). Hm. Maybe a blogpost on that in the near future, we’ll see.

Have a great Monday and blessed week everyone!



Monday Mumbles – 75

Happy Monday!

As you read, I have already completed my CrossFit workout for the day and am bustling about getting my kids off to school! The routine has been reignited, thank goodness! So let’s do some mumbles, shall we?

1. It was my lovely niece, Mary, who turned eight years old a week ago today. We had a fun celebration at her house yesterday. She is such a sweetie. Always good to hang out with the cousins.

2. Guess what I did this weekend?!?!

Okay, so I don’t know if Blogger did the video or not…

So, here is a picture of me on an earlier attempt that wasn’t recorded, climbing the rope at CrossFit on Saturday:

3. That was the first time I have ever climbed that high and I was seriously pumped afterward! I also have a pretty serious rope-burn that I’m treating with Neosporin. haha. Guess it’s time to keep some knee socks in my bag!!

4. The Royals continue to hold the first place position in the A.L. Central. Pinch me. 

5. The CrossFit box is doing a 30-day Paleo Challenge. I posed the question on my Endless Strength Blog Facebook page about whether you all would like to see a day-by-day account of this sort of thing. So…would you? 

6. My thoughts are that I’d put up what I am eating day by day and then also include the workouts I am doing. I’d have an introductory or “Here We Go!” type of post where I’d disclose the results of the body composition I will do before hand and then, keep it going through the 30 day challenge. After that, I’d share the body composition results afterward, and do some sort of conclusion about it.

7. I did Paleo for about 26 days last summer. I don’t think I’ve ever made it the full 30 days before so I am committing to it. You know what this means, right? Bu-Bye Diet Coke (again!!) Yeah…I wish I wouldn’t ever start drinking that stuff ever again!

8. I think blogging it would give me the accountability I needed when I decided to blog the weight loss stuff through Weight Watchers Wednesdays. I’m just one of those people — gotta have the accountability piece.

9. Dominic loves Kindergarten. But not the lunchroom, so much. As a matter of fact, he tells me that the whole idea of the lunch room is a “disaster.” That makes me laugh. I hope he gets used to it soon!

10. Oh! I went to see a chiropractor for the first time ever last Tuesday! I really should tell you about it. I find the whole process fascinating. Yes, I’m still going, and yes, we have a plan so that I will not have to go all that often in the near future. But, I DO notice a difference both in regular daily activity and in my workouts. Like I said…fascinating.

Have a great Monday!!

Monday Mumbles – 74

Good Monday morning! Let’s mumble, shall we?

1. I got all five kids off to their various places today. First I dropped Vincent off. Ms. Robin shared my joy of having the kids back to school and then said, “Next year, it will be this little guy, right?” and I admitted that it is so hard to think of him going off to preschool. He’s gone to her three days a week for his whole life. I have just decided to remain in denial that the day he goes somewhere else during the day is coming. She’s been my partner-momma for him and I know he’ll miss her when it’s time to move on (and so will I!)

2. Last night I spent time blow-drying Dani’s and Helen’s hair and curling Helen’s with hot rollers. Only to have her wake up this morning with no curl. I guess I didn’t realize her hair was that fine. So, we heated up the curling iron and got those curls going again.

3. As we got into the car to go to school, Dominic asked why both his mom and dad were taking them. He said, “I can walk in BY MYSELF!” As happy as I am that he is beyond ready to start this adventure he calls “real school,” I still wanted to walk him in. So I told him that he could walk himself in for the rest of his life, but today, “Please allow Mommy and Daddy to walk you in.” 

4. Harumph. Kid is already marching off to college in his brain, I bet.

5. They had a “Boohoo/Yahoo” breakfast. We stopped in. But I didn’t want to stay too long because I wanted to head to CrossFit and get my workout done. I didn’t need the temptation of donut holes anyway! And I don’t drink Coffee. But Craig does, I think he liked the coffee.

6. I didn’t sleep well last night. I woke up around 1:00 a.m. as I had the part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie where the voice interrupts Bill and Fleur’s wedding saying, “The ministry has fallen. The ministry has fallen. The Minister of Magic is dead.” and then it moves to a whisper of “They are coming.” For some reason that was going over and over in my head and I couldn’t go back to sleep. Very annoying.

7. It didn’t hurt my workout, though. Man it was tough this morning. I love the fact that I feel like such a badass after just about every CrossFit workout.

8. The kids only have a half day of school today, so I don’t get the whole day to play. But that’s all right. I can’t wait to go pick them up (in about an hour) and hear all about the first day.

9. Sarah went to a “Back-to-School Swim Party” hosted by one of the kids in her class Saturday. It is so weird to hear her talk about the game Truth or Dare. I don’t know why I ever would have thought kids would have moved on from that game by this generation. I guess there are certain constants. Anyway, here is how Sarah handled it, as I don’t think she was too comfortable with participating. She said whenever someone would say, “Who’s next?” she and one of her friends would back away from the group enough that no one asked them to do anything or to play, and then they just watched as the other kids would get asked a question or to do something, like jump into the pool or something like that. It all sounded pretty harmless/tame — it sounded about like what you’d expect from 13 and 14-year-old kids. I’m glad she had fun at the party!

10. Well, here’s the photo I know you all want to see — my kiddos, back at school 🙂

Individual poses…
These four at St. Andrew’s

I hope back-to-school has gone well for all of you.
Have a great Monday!!

Answer Me This – 6 (and a few Mumbles thrown in at the end)

I decided to link up with the lovely Kendra at Catholic All Year.

I threw in four Mumbles at the end because I like doing 10 things on Monday posts. 🙂

1. What do you still want to do this summer?

Is it still summer? Ha. Well, the kids go back to school one week from today. I’m not going to say I’m sorry about that. Ever since we’ve been back from vacation, they’ve been driving me nuts and been at each others’ throats as they’ve been around each other all day every day for just a little bit too long.

BUT — I guess I still need to move the buttons out on the jumper I have for Helen and also on the uniform skirt I have for Dani. I’m glad I got all the major shopping done this past weekend. All kids have the shoes needed for school, socks and underwear and all their school supplies. So moving buttons is probably enough. Oh and Sarah needs new volleyball shoes and knee pads. I guess I need to do that, too.

2. What is your favorite kind of pie?

I love a good chocolate silk pie. I actually like all kinds of pie. I love pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving and Apple Pie at Christmas. But if I get to pick the pie at any ol’ time, I would probably pick a Chocolate Silk Pie.

Chocolate Silk Pie

3. How much sleep do you need each day? How much do you get?

I need about seven hours. I usually get about six and a half. And that is if I am being good and not staying up late watching a show with Sarah. I am a horrible hit-the-snooze-er. I don’t know why I don’t just get up when the alarm rings in the morning…but I have to hit the snooze about twice. So, I set that clock ahead about 10-15 minutes so I still get up when I need to.

4. Do you prefer to swim in a pool, lake, river or ocean

I prefer to swim in a pool. I don’t like the slimy feel of some things in a lake. I’ve never swum in a river, but I would imagine the same slimy, gross thing applies. I have swum in the ocean. I like it fine, but the unknown re: things like currents, sharks, jellyfish and such keep it behind the pool in preferences.

5. Do you know any poems by heart?

Not anymore. I should read some poetry. I haven’t done that in a long while.

6. Do you use the public library?

Yes! Actually just this summer I got into that. I started reading fiction for fun again over the past couple of years as I tried to keep up with some of the things Sarah read. I realized I didn’t want to buy the books I was reading and renewed my card at the library. I put books on hold that I wanted to read and when they became available, I read them and returned them. It was great. As I have a renewed interest in using the library, so do my children and now all three girls have a card of their own. Dominic likes to borrow books, too, but he just uses my card for now.

Go visit Kendra at Catholic All Year for more Answer Me This posts!

For you regular folks who know I sometimes do Mumbles on Monday — here are four more little nuggets for you.

7. I took the boys shoe shopping Saturday. Dominic was so cute — he says that he needs “tie shoes” now that he is going to Kindergarten. Can you believe how hard it is to find shoes with laces these days? All the shoes have velcro!! We finally found some affordable Stride Rite shoes with laces that were in his size. He wasn’t even mad that they didn’t have any Star Wars stuff on them. He thought it was much more important to have “tie shoes.” Love that kid.

My boys and their “tie shoes”

8. When I took the girls for shoes later, Helen was insistent on having “tie shoes” because both of her little brothers had them. That was unexpected.

9. She also needed a new play outfit. That girl is growing and honestly, she wants to be comfortable. But she also wants pink. So, we found this outfit on the clearance rack at Target.

This is what I get when I say, “Give me a Sassy Pose”

10. So Vincent wanted his picture taken, too. And he also wanted to try and be “sassy” (i.e., hand on hip)

Still working on looking AT the camera these days…

Well, have a great Monday folks.