Five Favorites – 2

It’s time to link up with Hallie at Moxie Wife with our Five Favorites! this week, I’m going to list my 5 favorite things at Crossfit.

1. Kettle ball swings. I’m not sure what it is about them, but I really enjoy them. They are the kind of exercise that work your whole body but you wouldn’t think they do until you have done them. I really like it when I see that Kettle Ball swings are a part of the WOD.

2. Row on the Erg-o-meter. I rowed in college (I was Stroke-Port in a Women’s Open 8 and a Women’s Open 4, in case any of you know what that means) and when I saw Ergs sitting in the Crossfit gym, I knew they were for real. Not that non-erg rowing machines can’t do some good, but the Ergs are the real deal. The first time we got to get on them during Foundations, I was kicking butt…and it felt like the good ol’ days when I was really super-fit and all. 🙂
3. Running. Duh. Any workout involves at least some running in the warm-up. I have done a WOD or two, though that entailed at least a mile to a mile and a half of running to complete them. I love getting some cardio with my strength workouts.

4. Pull-ups. I can’t do them unassisted yet, but I CAN do them with double-banded assistance and that’s a step up from Ring Rows! So, I’m getting there. I like to see them in the WOD because it means I get a chance to work on them. Practice makes perfect and all that jazz.

5. Back Squats. We’ve been doing these A LOT. And it’s another exercise that really gets your whole body involved. I haven’t PR’d yet, other than to set my first 1-rep max (135 pounds, FYI) but we’ve done so much squatting in the past 4 weeks, that I bet if I get the chance to do another 1-rep max for the Back Squat that I will increase it. I’d like to get to 150 or something, but we’ll see. (PS, don’t tell me if you think 150 pounds is not that much weight. K? K.)

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Five Favorites – 1

Just what I need, to start participating in another blog carnival each week, right? I guess it might keep the creative juices flowing over here on ye ol’ blog.

Today, I am participating in Moxie Wife’s 5 Favorites. She did a great job summarizing what’s going on with deal Dwija and her baby. Remember when I asked you to join me in prayer a couple of weeks ago? Well, good job, because things are still going well (as can be expected) for Dwija and her baby. Her update is here. I am an emotional wreck following along, but praying as much as I can that they can make it to 24 weeks so that fighter of a baby can make it. My own intrauterine death was not a result of placental abruption, but my doctor did say that most of the cases of 2nd trimester loss were a result of that. I just love that Dwija’s little baby is such a miracle and a fighter!!

So, on for Five Favorites…

1. Gel Nails. Begrudgingly, I recently gave mine up because I hit a point where I am too busy to get my nails done regularly (even three weeks apart!). But I had gel nails for about 4 months and really loved them. I could go 3 weeks between nail salon visits — if I had the French Manicure style. No chips, no cracks, no broken nails, and they were pretty for all that time. I may go back to them if I end up with time, but with summer full of crossfit workouts in the evening, volleyball practices and games and other activities for the kids, just not going to work right now. But they are definitely a favorite!

2. My purse and wallet:

These came home with me from Walt Disney World. Sarah helped me pick them out. I love carrying them around and I get a lot of compliements. I’m usually the type of gal who picks up whatever looks like it is the most practical from the cheap rack at Target or Walmart for a purse, so this was pretty big for me to actually get a stylish purse/wallet (the combo thing is totally not normal for me!)

3. Sandals — I really like a nice pair of comfortable sandals that will go with my work clothes. It’s gotten hot and humid already this summer, so it’s nice not to have to wear shoes and socks and slip on a pair of sandals instead!

4. In that vein, I also enjoy my flip-flops. What is better than being able to slip on covering for the bottoms of your feet in nothing flat? Flip-flops have come a long way since I was a kid. They make them so that the support on the top comes down to the middle of your foot (I remember when it actually hurt more to wear flip-flops because you literally had to flip the bottoms up to come along with you!)

5. Swim suits that are modest and flatter. I don’t have one. But I want one. 🙂

Linking up with Hallie at Moxie Wife today! Go check her out and also keep praying for Dwija!