Seek Help, In Prayer and Petition



I haven’t been much of a Catholic Faith Blogger in recent years. I used to try to incorporate something about my faith into my posts on a regular basis. I’ve been in some sort of desert the past few years, however. My desert has been dry, but I’ve never felt lost somehow. I still have my faith, I just haven’t had the words to write about it in quite some time.

The grand jury report out of Pennsylvania has hit home for people I care about and has been a source of pain and sadness for me. Abuse at the hands of priests, parents or anyone is inhumane and awful. The coverup by bishops is horrendous.

I’m still making my way through the report, honestly. It’s not something that’s easy to read. I’m a member of a group of Catholic Women Bloggers and have decided to join with them in a period of prayer and fasting to begin on Wednesday, August 22 — the Feast of the Queenship of Mary.

My Fast will include fasting from soda for the entire period, eliminating snacks between meals and eliminating one meal per day for the entire period, and fasting from all internet connectivity (outside that which will be required in my work) on Fridays for the entire period.

My intentions will be for all victims (known and unknown) of this abuse/coverup at the hands of priests and bishops. I will also offer up my prayer and sacrifice for the priests of our diocese as they, too, are hurting from this and abuse issues in our own diocese in the not so distant past.

As of now, it’s really hard for me to pray for those who perpetrated this evil and covered it up. I hope that at some point, I will get there. Maybe during this 40 day period, maybe later. I know that if I ask God to help me get there, He will do His part, so I just need to get to that point (of asking for help).




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