When Your Kids Surprise You

It’s funny how my kids surprise me. Funny because they meet my expectations, yet it is still a feeling of surprise at how awesome they can be at times. In a time when people seem to expect so little of kids in society, I expect so much from my kids and they still deliver. So why do i feel surprised?

Today, I woke up and decided I needed to rake leaves. I began working in the front yard and quickly discovered we were out of lawn and leaf bags. I filled the ones we had, then decided to go on the hunt for more. Craig and I walked up to the local hardware store only to find out they were completely out. So I drove to Lowe’s and Home Depot only to find out both of them were out as well. What’s a momma to do?

We have these awesome and big yellow trash bags, so since I had made the decision to get the leaves cleaned up today, I asked Dani to come out and help me. She worked with me for more than two-and-a-half hours to finish the front and work in the back yard! We got many many leaves cleaned up. It was such a joy to work alongside my 8th grade daughter and get all that work done! She never complained. She simply let me know she was getting tired — and I was too, matter of fact — so we picked up the piles we had made and called it a day.

Throughout the time I was working outside with Dani, I noticed that inside, my other children were doing things to help. Helen brought the dog out onto the deck and brushed him to remove excess hair, then she took him inside to give him a bath. Sarah was working with her brothers to clean the bathrooms and vacuum the common areas of the house. Vincent was outside on the deck and I gave him the job of sweeping excess leaves off of the deck. He finally tired of that and went inside. He came out to ask me if he could play video games and I said that he needed to ask Sarah if she needed help first. and I heard him say as he went in, “I know! I’ll clean up my room first!”

I know it’s kind of silly. Most likely when you started reading this you may have thought I was about to write about how talented my children have been in the classroom (which they have!) or how surprised I’ve been with their talent onstage (which would also be true) or how much they surprise me play various sports. And even their artistic ability — sewing, painting, drawing — surprises me at times.

But honestly, they please me the most on days like today. They please me when they simply help me out — they clean their rooms, or they help clean the house, or they help in the yard — all without my nagging or asking for their help.

On days like this, I feel truly blessed to be their mom.