Weight Watchers Wednesday with Updates? Sure.

I find it interesting that I end up right back where I start sometimes. See, I’ve been paying the Weight Watchers Monthly Pass fee for almost a year straight now. But I haven’t been faithful about attending the meetings. THIS time, about 8-12 weeks ago, I completely shut it all down: I stopped attending meetings, I stopped going to Crossfit, I stopped getting up early and I stopped tracking my food and activity. Not a good plan, obviously.

A couple of weeks ago, I headed back to the at-work WW meeting. I was sad to have to face the music of the scale, but it was also brought a sense of freedom to simply look at it, say, “Okay, let’s figure this out again” and get back on the wagon. I didn’t track that first week back and I only did my running. Then last week I weighed in and had gained 0.2 pounds. I was happy it was only 0.2 honestly.

About the middle of June, I was gifted a hand-me-down Fitbit Charger HR. When I looked into buying a Fitbit, this was the model I wanted because it tracked sleep and also heart-rate while working out. I didn’t know back then all the reasons I would love it. However, in the last couple of months and specifically this past week, I do know many reasons I love it.

First of all, the Fitbit Charge HR tracks all my steps and on the app, I can track my weight view my sleep habits and track my water intake (that part is so easy) AND if I do something that’s not necessarily just walking from my desk to my printer all day and I do it for a period of time, it will track that all by itself. For example, if I go for a 45 minute walk, it knows it was a walk and tracks it as an exercise event (so to speak) and when I spent 42 minutes working on volleyball with Helen and Dani on Sunday afternoon, it tracked that as a “sport” event. Then when I do my Crossfit workouts, if the WOD is long enough it is also a “sport” event. And when I run for an extended period of time, it tracks it as a run. Love. It.

Second of all, the Weight Watchers app will sync to the Fitbit app on my phone and then translate my steps/sport/walk/run activities into Fitpoints! I NEVER gave myself the number of Fitpoints for my exercise before this Fitbit thing. And how much do I like that I don’t actually have to track the Fitpoints, but they automatically appear in my WW app? Yeah, I like that a lot.

Okay one more thing I did this past week was I started back at CrossFit. Back when I took my break, I decided to stop cleaning the gym as I had done for 3 years to pay for my membership. When I went back, I reasoned, I would purchase a membership. And so I did last Tuesday and went back to my first workout Wednesday morning. I didn’t go all crazy…I was reasonable about the weight I lifted and gave myself a little break with the movements. I also still ran a couple of times.

I figured out how to sync my Fitbit to WW Thursday, so didn’t have anything tracked for Wednesday last week. But get this! 92 Fitpoints for the week.


I love that so much. that is a day less than a full week, which means I should totally get over 100 Fitpoints this coming week, haha.

And I tracked my food every day except Sunday. I really need to track every day, though. I do much better when I track my food. I tracked my water in my Fitbit app and I had a day where I drank 176 oz of water! I was very thirsty on Monday. But I like having an easy place to keep track of water that shows it in graph form. Also, I was looking at my sleep in the app and amazingly, I actually get slightly higher than average amount of sleep for my demographic.


It is so interesting to see when I’m “restless” and the fact that the Fitbit can sense and track that.


And the result of the past week was a loss of 4.4 pounds! While I expected it, I was still very happy to get that result at the scale. so yay!

Sarah earned her driver’s license last Monday, the day after her 16th birthday. My dad found a car for a reasonable price and Sarah paid half. She is also going to be paying her portion of car insurance, too. She’s amazing…really. This picture was taken moments after she entered her Surprise Golden Sweet 16 birthday party.


Finally, here’s a cute picture of Helen. Today was the first of two “orientation” days at the middle school for sixth graders. How the heck did she grow up to this point so fast?



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