This and That

Mother’s day came and went. It was actually a nice one. I ended up talking to my mom the Friday before, so no obligatory feelings to call her on the day. We had a nice time and my kids all gave me the most wonderful hand-made gifts! But honestly, just having them here with me in my life is the best gift of all.


The school year officially ended. My children have all been “promoted” to the next grade. all the report cards have been viewed.

I’m declaring 2016-17 a resounding success.

The summer has begun with gusto. Memorial Day weekend was spent cleaning and purging this house in which we so clearly live. As I worked, I kept thinking about all the times I have told people, “Well, we live in our house…and it looks like it.” And then I chuckled every so often because it is TRUE to the very depths of all meaning.

A meme I thought was funny…and true!

Sarah chose to enroll in an online class this summer to get her required Personal Finance  class out of the way. Of course, she’s making way for a horrendous (read: quite difficult) Junior year. She piled on so much work for herself that I insisted she enroll in a study hall. She fought me on it all the way until…one of her favorite teachers mentioned that it would be a good idea. Hey, I don’t care who convinced her — simply that she was able to be convinced.

Dani chose to enroll in health/P.E. this summer to get that requirement out of the way and make way for Art classes. This is also because choir and theater have become priorities for her, so getting required health/P.E. done in the summer is a smart move. Probably a move she’ll duplicate her Freshman and Sophomore year for similar reasons. She was excited to see friends in her class when she arrived on Tuesday. Dani is such a social kid. She ensured she got a Worlds Of Fun pass by offering to pay for it through giving up her monthly allowance for 6 months. Her motivation: being able to hang out with friends there this summer.

The younger three may not have chosen to go to the summer program offered, but I signed them up anyway. Actually, the boys were excited. It’s been a bit of a challenge to get Helen on board with it, but I think we’re all good now. It’s four weeks of stuff for them to do, gets them out of the house, doing engaging activities.

The great news is that once summer school is over, I am off work for a week (vacation!! yes!!) And that week will be followed by two weeks off work for Craig to hang with the kiddos. And by then, we’ll be on the downhill slide to starting another school year and will be bustling about buying school clothes, shoes and everything else.

We found out some sad news a few weeks ago: a family that houses some of our very best friends of all of our ages, is moving away. It’s only about 3 hours away, but we’re all feeling the loss pretty acutely. They haven’t moved yet, which means the kids are looking for all sorts of opportunities to get together and using the upcoming move as reasonable motivation (“But mom!! they leave a in a few weeks, we HAVE to go do XYZ before they move away!!!”)

The good news is that since it is only 3 hours away, perhaps we can still see them once or twice a year with some good planning. If there’s anything I am good at, it’s planning road trips!

So that’s all that’s going on these days. Oh and I am still going to weight watchers, though I changed meetings and decided to go to the center by my house. I just couldn’t do Wednesday at 12:30…at least, that’s my excuse for my inability to stick to stuff. One week “back on the (accountability) wagon” and I was down 4.2 lbs at my meeting today. So that’s nice. I’ve also been taking an extended break from Crossfit. I was missing my sleep in the mornings. Now that I’ve been sleeping in until 6:00 a.m., I am having a hard time getting back to getting up early. But, what the heck…weight loss is 90% what goes in my mouth anyway, so I’m getting that part under control. I’ll get back to the Crossfit…or maybe I won’t and life will be fine either way.


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