WW Weeks 4-5

Last week, I missed the meeting and the weigh-in due to attending a funeral during that time. I also happened to eat some Chipotle that day. Oops.

The good news is that at weigh-in today, I was the same weight I was two weeks ago. anyone who has done Weight Watchers knows that a week off the weigh-in can be death to the plan. And honestly, for me, it kind of was still. I didn’t do so hot with the eating plan and only recently got back on track. Back on track enough to have not gained anything when I weighed in today.



This week they were talking about Self-Compassion. they talked about that a few months ago, too. I am terrible about this. I’ve done a lot of self-reflection recently (not just about Self-Compassion and my lack of it) and of course, i can see my lack of self-compassion (i.e., giving myself a break every now and then) take root at a very young age.

We had an assignment to come up with two ways we would be kind to ourselves this week. I have such a hard time figuring this out because I’m gonna be honest, my first thing I think of is a splurge in the food department. Now, that’s gonna go directly against what I’m trying to do. Because a splurge in the food department means a night out at a restaurant, or partaking in one (ahem, too many) of Dani’s decadent desserts (Dani has become quite the baker/chef).  So, that’s really not the best way to be kind to myself.

I usually don’t budget money to buy myself anything. I need new clothes for a LONG time before I finally just buy myself something new. For example, I am in SORE NEED of some new workout pants, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. Because — well, a kid in this house almost ALWAYS needs new shoes or something. speaking of shoes, it’s time for new running shoes…sigh.

Maybe I am thinking about this the wrong way. Maybe the goal isn’t a TREAT — like food or new clothes. Maybe I should be looking deeper and yet, more simply. Obviously, I shouldn’t do the negative self-talk that I inevitably do when I don’t weigh what I would like or don’t fit into my favorite clothes. so I suppose I could really try to be mindful of the negative self-talk and nip it in the bud when it starts. I don’t know. I know that having a little compassion for myself is important. After all, when I don’t do as well with the eating-thing or the tracking-what-I-eat-thing or the weight-loss-in-general thing — I’m way harder on myself than I would be with my friends.

Any ideas?


2 thoughts on “WW Weeks 4-5”

  1. I try to “talk” to myself the way I would a friend. I would never tell a friend that she is a great big loser and should just give up, so why say it to myself?


  2. I think Kelly’s really on to something. It’s not quite the same, but if I’m fighting a little injury or my asthma, I can easily ignore it and try to push through (usually not in a good way), but if I ask myself, “what would I tell a patient to do if they told me these symptoms?” I can usually get a little perspective. I think that kind of thing can help when you’re trying to decide what you truly need and what you maybe just want. Perhaps, what would you say if it was one of your kids in your situation?


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