WW Week 2

Wednesdays sure do seem to come fast. Today I weighed in and had gained 0.2 pounds. Blah. I hate that it was a gain, but relieved it was only 0.2 pounds.

This week’s good:

  • I tracked every day. Even when it was not really good to track (the weekend out of town for volleyball tournament, ahem).
  • I drank lots of water.

This week’s bad:

  • I didn’t track my activity points. It’s really annoying trying to track properly for crossfit. For the WOD part it is almost always high intensity for the whole time. But the time of each WOD varies. Sometimes it’s an 11 minute workout and sometimes it’s a 20 minutes workout. Then, it’s difficult to track the weightlifting portion because it’s intense during the times I’m lifting, but of course, I’m resting in between sets and such. But, I’m going to try to do better this week.
  • I went out to eat twice over the weekend for dinner and probably didn’t make the best choices. I mean, I love peanuts and we went to Texas Roadhouse Saturday night. So…peanuts. Then, after Sarah was finished Sunday, I wanted to get food for her and talk/decompress and she picked the local chinese buffet. Yum, chinese food. Not so good for a buffet. Sigh.


Last week I was 183.6 and this week 183.8. Gain of 0.2. I am gunning for a better result next week!

The topic this week was “Turn It Around” and there was a big U-turn type of sign on the front of the weekly:


It had some interesting thoughts on how to ensure a small 3-5 pound increase on the scale doesn’t turn into a full-blown oh-my-gosh-I-gained-20-pounds thing. I definitely need it. The thing is, the number one thing you have to be committed to is the accountability — getting to your meeting and stepping on the scale and “facing the music.” That is my problem. I like to stay away when I think I’ve gained or even if I stay the same. I like to see progress (who doesn’t?) and when I don’t, it frustrates me.

Well, one thing I committed to when I got back on the wagon a couple of weeks ago was making it to every meeting through the June 21. I am on PTO the week of June 26 and will most likely try to make it to a meeting that isn’t at work that week (especially if I make it there and haven’t missed any meetings as I plan). But, there’s no excuse for me not to make a meeting since they are on Wednesdays and they take place on the floor below me in my building and I’ve blocked the time on my calendar so nothing else can be scheduled.

The other thing we discussed today was our goal for April. Well, my goal for April is to track every single day. I don’t care what it is, I don’t care if I use all my freaking daily and weekly points, I am logging it. that should give me a good long period of 4-5 weeks of tracking every day and it should be a habit. One way that I am sticking to it is tracking things before I eat. That way, I keep that mindfulness going about what I am eating and how much and that I need to stop if I haven’t tracked it yet.

One thing I didn’t share with the group today (someone else had lots of sharing to do, so I held off) was that I hit a Personal Record for my Back Squat this week! I squatted 215 pounds. That is a personal best by 10 pounds! I was pretty stoked about it.

Even though a loss didn’t show on the scale, I really worked my butt off in my workouts last week and I am feeling more committed to improvements. I nailed some good kipping pull-ups in the WOD Tuesday and I’m seeing some nice increases in weights I lift with my upper body.


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