Friday Flashes

I used to love participating in 7 Quick Takes on Fridays, but I must admit, I am not even sure they have those anymore?!?! But I love the format idea and I don’t care to link my blog anywhere, so I’m just going to do my own thing over here.

I’m not sure I’ll get to 7, but we’ll see.

  • It’s been quite a week! The kids were back in school after Spring Break and I also worked a full week. I had taken quite a few PTO days during March and now I don’t have any scheduled until the last full week of June. So I’ll be grinding out the work weeks for awhile!
  • Want to hear something way cute? about two weeks ago, Vincent came home from school and told me the following: “Mom, Mrs. XXXXX called me up to the front today to tell me that…” (sideways glance and hint of a smile) “…because of all the hard work I have been putting in…” (sideways glance the other way and hint of a bigger smile) “…that I get to go have lunch at Pizza Ranch. And I have a form for you to fill out to say I can go.”


  • Dani was in her school’s musical production of High School Musical, Jr. It was awesome! She looks so happy when she is on stage and performing. I enjoyed watching her both nights! What was really special was some of her friends from our parish (Catholic school) came to watch and they hooped and hollered for her. It was seriously one of my favorite things ever.



  • Helen was accepted into the A.V.I.D. program for our district that starts in middle school A.V.I.D. stands for Advancement via Individual Determination. Some of my more tenured readers may remember when Helen was struggling with school. I wrote about it a couple of times (I can’t find the time to grab the links right now, though.) Well, we’ve been working through a lot of things with Helen, namely anxiety, but also including school work and things. She has worked so hard and I have to admit I was very surprised that she wanted to apply for A.V.I.D. However, she filled out the application (all on her own) and obtained my signature for my acknowledgement. She also had an interview. She was excited when she got word and I know that it will be an excellent program for her.


  • Dominic will receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time on Tuesday next week. Then he will receive First Holy Communion a month later. Exciting times around here. I bought him this suit. Isn’t he handsome?
  • Sarah has Regional volleyball tournament this weekend. I’m looking forward to watching her play. It’s been a bit of a rough club season for her, just in terms of handling things more on her own and understanding her role with the team and things like that. This year, when she griped about things, I suggested she work with the other captains on the team and talk with the coaches on her own — she’s getting to an age where she needs to handle things like that. I haven’t ever been one to step in and advocate for my kids without including them so they learn how to advocate for themselves and it’s been a good thing for Sarah and I am sure it will be for the other kids, too. I’ll have to write more about this sometime because I can feel a blog post brewing!


  • What’s the weekend got in store for you? Sarah and I have volleyball, but I think it’s just a typical weekend for everyone else at the house. We’ve gotten so much rain that I am hopeful there will be some time for Craig to mow in between rainfalls.

2 thoughts on “Friday Flashes”

  1. I’m with you that I like the 7QT format, but not the hassle of linking up and all! I think it’s great to do a few of these and n to worry about linking up. Sounds like everyone’s doing well! This is a quiet weekend for me, but I did hit up the climbing gym and FINALLY made it to confession. Why is that so hard?


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