Week 1 (A Weight-Related Post)

It’s Wednesday and that means we had our At-Work meeting and I had a weigh-in. The good news is that I was down 4.4 pounds from last week! It’s always good to see a loss, no matter the size.

The Good:

  • I tracked most of the days this week (Going to have to get my weekends tracked going forward)
  • I tracked my activity and got 50 activity points (my goal is 43/week)
  • My husband successfully hid the scale, so I didn’t weigh myself between meetings
  • I lost weight

The Bad:

  • I kind of went crazy Friday-Sunday and also didn’t track it.
  • So that means I probably could have had a better loss if I wouldn’t have done that

My running tally then shows:

188.0 – 4.4 = 183.6

This is me after 1 week back on track

How do I feel? I don’t feel all that different from a week ago. My pants don’t feel any looser yet and I still notice pudginess in my middle. But it’s only been a week. I think paying attention to how I feel, though, is important. I’ve been trying to get enough sleep so I don’t feel so tired and that has helped. I know it takes 3-4 weeks to start really noticing the bigger differences, but I want to log what I do feel even after a week.

I think the biggest difference I feel is emotionally and in my confidence. When I am not tracking anything and eating without planning, I feel defeated. When i plan things out and buy healthy choices to have in the house I feel better about myself in general. Additionally, forcing myself to stay out of the kitchen after dinner is huge (I’m a late evening/night-time snacker). Avoiding the snacks in the evening helps me to feel more in control and I am even proud of myself (yes, that is how bad it can get…)

I didn’t try anything new this week, but I went back to some old standbys. I make this parfait for breakfast that I love — 1/3 cup of Kasha Go Lean Crunch cereal, 1/3 cup Fage 0% Greek Yogurt and as many strawberries as I can fit in the bowl with it. I add a couple packets of Splenda. It’s yummy!

The other thing I did was stock up on some high protein meal bars. I have always liked the Special K Double Chocolate Meal bar. It has 12g of protein and the Smart Points are 7. But I recently found these meal bars called Think Thin and they have 20g of protein, so SP value is only 6 and they are really good! So I have a stash of those at my office for the days I don’t get breakfast in a parfait. I also like to eat a banana with the meal bars. It’s a way for me to feel more full at breakfast and adds zero points to the meal.

I’m glad we hid the scale. It was nice not to have it staring at me daring me to step on it all week.

Today I got off to a decent start for the week in that I only used one extra smart point in my tracking for the day. I missed my workout, though, so that’s not good. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it up the rest of the days.

UPDATE: I had some time this evening and I sorted my blog to show me all my Weight Watchers Wednesday posts. Click on this link to read them if you like. Wow. Mind-blowing. I have to say it gave me some motivation to keep going again. I was worried it would make me feel bad, but it didn’t. It just showed me that I did it once and I can do it again.


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