No More Whining

Yeah, I think I’ve been a bit whiny. So…now I decided to get over it. Thankfully, for me, it is that simple (not easy…simple).

So much of my attitude and outlook is connected to feeling unsettled in some way or another. My routine has been amiss ever since I changed jobs last summer. When that job didn’t turn out as I would have liked, I moved onto another job. My routine is still not set.

As much as I like working from home and the flexibility it allows, I also dislike it for the same reason. I am a routine-oriented person. I like my schedule. When my schedule goes awry, my life goes awry, and my emotions and feelings get all screwy. If I don’t have a set way for my day/week/life, I get irritable…and hungry.

I’m in the process of righting this ship right now. I have a promising meeting today and await feedback on another that I had Wednesday. Today’s is the third and final meeting in the process. I pray for wisdom, strength and humility.

We finalized communications on a major decision impacting the children. As with everything, I worried about it far more than I needed to. I am humbled to be mother to such phenomenal kids and blessed to see how they trust us to always do what we think is the best for them long-term.

I made it to my Weight Watchers meeting yesterday and, after missing last week, was up only 1.4 pounds from two weeks ago. I’m just going to keep on chugging along, try to make good decisions where food is concerned and keep up my activity. I made it to Crossfit four days this week and they were all pretty hard workouts. I’m starting to feel more confident and comfortable in my skin again knowing that I can do the different movements and skills.

All of this has helped me brighten my outlook and see positive things and not negative. It’s also made me see how whiny I was being and, honestly, self-centered. Every time I succumb to my anxious feelings, I realize that I think far too much about myself and I stop feeling concerned for others. I get distracted from God and forget the real purpose in my life — to know, love and serve Him as a wife and mother and daughter and sister and friend. As I am coming out and realizing that perhaps I have been a little unfair, felt a little too wronged — I need to remember that life is hard for everyone and everyone is trying to do the right thing for their own families. Everyone struggles with something. I should work harder to have compassion for others and to try and lift up my own struggles and offer to God to use them to better other people in their struggles.

So…there we go. I’m done whining and I’m ready to move forward in a positive manner.

And for a little Flash Back Friday action — what about these pictures that showed up on Craig’s “memories” in Facebook?? Take a look! They all made me smile.

Four years ago…





Seven years ago — on an Easter far far away — we had only four children…

and the youngest was only a few months old
The three girls would pose for pictures together.
She’s always been such a pretty and sweet girl.
And Helen has always loved her black olives.



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