Monday Mumbles

Well, it’s been a long time since I posted on a Monday or used this format. It isn’t even my own brainchild, but I like it anyway. So I will do it. Mondays are good for mumbles..

  1. Saturday was one of those days we ran around all day long. Well, it felt like it, but really we just had to be at a volleyball tournament really stinking early. And then hang around all day watching volleyball. That is fun, but it is very tiring. Then we headed up for my nephew’s 3rd birthday celebration. My kids always like a good birthday party.
  2. For all the running around we did on Saturday, we sat on our butts all day Sunday. We managed to get dinner made, laundry done and naps. Personally, I was all in favor of the nap I took. What would have made it better would have been taking the nap in the bed instead of the chair.
  3. Today is Vincent’s snack day. He loves that day. He gets this cute little gleam in his eye when he reminds us or we remind him that it is his snack day. Cute.
  4. Crossfit workouts are coming along. I went four times last week. Trying for five this week, if I can make it on Saturday this time. We shall see…
  5. Running, however, is not coming along. I was hoping to try and run a couple days a week, but I am just not feeling it. But…I will try to do it a couple times this week and see if I can get going again.
  6. I have been shopping the Fitbits. I think I want the Fitbit Surge — it seems to have everything I am looking for — GPS (so don’t have to take my phone on runs), sync capability with Weight Watchers stuff, tracks sleep, tracks heart rate. We’ll see if I actually pull the trigger to get it. I have a hard time buying something for myself.
  7. Sarah’s confirmation went well. She ended up being the very last one. But that made it possible to get a nice, unobstructed photo. IMG_1949[1]She also took some good photos with friends afterwards. Kids grow up fast. you know they do.
  8. I am reading Harry Potter with Dominic. We are in the middle of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I love how into the story Dominic gets.
  9. As my boys get a little bit older, I find myself enjoying immensely the brotherly love and even the annoyances. Having boys is quite different from girls. Of course, the girls are at the pick-on-each-other-constantly phase of life anyway, sigh. But the boys — rather blissful at times.

Well, I can’t think of anything else, so I’m stopping now. 🙂


10. I lied. I just came up with one. What a great Monday! I got my crossfit WOD in and it was a doozy! Then I opened my e-mail to find one of my leads has decided to move forward so I am going to have a listing — that I worked and won ALL ON MY OWN. 🙂 That is a good feeling.


Okay, happy Monday everyone!


2 thoughts on “Monday Mumbles”

  1. Congrats to Sarah!

    Way to go on making it to Crossfit 4 times per week!

    I’m planning on using some birthday money next month for a Fitbit. I’ll be interested to see what you pick.


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