The Weight Watchers Thing

First things first. I went to my meeting today and woo-hoo! down 7 pounds. Happy Dance. I didn’t even start working out yet! Just goes to show you that tracking what you eat — paying attention to the amount and all that stuff — goes a long way on this weight management thing.

So, Weight Watchers has always been an organization open to continual improvement (evolvement?) which is why they have stayed successful in the weight loss industry for so long. One thing that I found to be true on my last turn around this track was that losing the weight — while always a challenge — is not the most difficult part of the journey. Maintenance is. The idea that paying attention to food intake and staying active and attending meetings is something I have to do forever is a hard thing to grasp. When I started on my last round, I told myself: “Self…you need to commit to a meeting every week for the long haul. You know being active is the fun part for you so you need to remember that mindless eating is what got you here and tracking food, accountability weigh-ins and all that stuff is what’s going to get you out and keep you out of overweight land.”


I listened to myself, too. I never missed meetings while I was losing. I tracked and I got really good at Crossfit and running and all those things I needed to do to be active. But then, I hit “Lifetime.” I was so happy! and for four more months, I still attended meetings and accountability weigh-ins. But somewhere along the line, I lost sight of why I was still doing that and … stopped.

Weight Watchers has evolved over the past year or so to try to be an organization that keeps ME coming to meetings and staying focused on health management even when I don’t need to lose weight. (BTW — getting Oprah on your payroll is probably the absolute BEST way to grow your market share. Well played, WW.) The tone of the meetings has changed. They are not leaving it up to members to figure out for themselves that this LIFESTYLE CHANGE is forever…they are saying it, often, every week. I’ve only been to two meetings, but I hear it over and over. and I love it. The main thing I love about it is that when I lose this weight again…there’s a chance I won’t fall off the wagon and stop going to meetings because I’m going to be getting something out of the meetings even if I’m not trying to LOSE WEIGHT. That’s fabulous to me. I need that. Sure…I don’t want to pay the fee every month, so I need to figure out what happens about that. BUT — I suppose even if there’s a fee, if there’s a benefit to the meetings once I am lifetime, I will probably be willing to pay it.


I just don’t want to keep going through life being focused for 18 months and getting to where I feel awesome…then losing focus and 6 months later being overweight again. In today’s meeting the leader said no less than three times, “Remember…this is forever!” and one time she followed it up with, “So how are you going to cook in a healthy way, forever?” and another time she followed it up with, “So how are you going to make sure you keep your activity going forever?” (The topic this week was VARIETY.)

Oh! I almost forgot. There is a change that kind of made me do a double-take. So…last week I had 30 daily points and 42 weekly points. Today after my weigh in, I still had 30 daily points (cool…but drop a few more pounds and that is probably going to drop) but I had only 35 weekly points. Not gonna lie…I was like… W.T.F.? (sorry for you non-cussers out there) I was trying to figure out why they would go and do that sort of nonsense? I had logged my activity from this morning (22 minute run this morning — go me!!) but that shouldn’t make your weekly points go down. Well, I asked the leader and she said, “Hmmm, did you have a birthday?” No. So I offered that I had a 7.0 pound loss and she said, “Well, I have only had three other people tell me their weekly points changed and they had all had birthdays. And your drop is an even drop (42 to 35) so I would bet it had to be your loss. Good to know!” Indeed. Harrumph. Not that I use them all…but it’s just nice to see them there, lol.

Well, I guess that’s it for a weight watchers update. I”m doing this on Thursday, so the alliteration won’t work for me. Oh well, I’m not back to regularly blogging yet anyway, so it will just be a Weight Watchers update (without the Wednesday). 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Weight Watchers Thing”

  1. I can totally identify! I hit lifetime in Sept. 2012, continued meetings for about six months (once a month, not weekly like I did while I was losing) but eventually stopped and slowly started to gain. I’m about 18 lbs. over goal so I just signed up and go to my 1st meeting tomorrow. I love the accountability of the meetings. I need to get my eating habits back on track. Good luck to you! Do you like Smart Points?


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