My Scale is a Broken Record

How many times have I re-focused on my health, only to have a change in my routine (pregnancy, job change, etc) undo all of my hard work? I am not going to lie, about a year ago, I thought I had beaten all of that this time around!

What is it that encourages the breakdown? Or Better yet…what is the magic formula that keeps us focused, over months of no change, to maintain the healthy habits even when the weight on the scale stays the same (or fluctuates only a couple of pounds one way or the other)?

What I am trying to figure out right now is how I can work my butt off (literally!) doing Crossfit, running, tracking my food for 8 months and attain a goal of a healthy BMI and then….in a matter of months lose my grasp on all of that and end up right back where I started? A couple of years ago, I set out on a journey to a healthy new me. I never missed a Weight Watchers Meeting. I tracked my food. I checked in on this blog as an extra accountability measure. I practiced Crossfit and got good at stuff like pushups and rope climbing and got really fast at running (for me).

Then, somewhere along the line, I lost my focus where food is concerned. I stopped weighing in at Weight Watchers meetings. I stopped tracking things on my WW app. Eventually, it sounded like a good idea to stop doing Crossfit. I was tired. Changes happened in my life and I stopped feeling committed to getting up early to make sure I got it in. Over the past couple of months everything has completely unraveled.


So…I printed out my monthly pass from signing up online this morning and I am headed out to my first Weight Watchers weigh-in once again.

Do you think I’ll learn this time? Time will tell. But either way — focusing in and getting started is half the battle. I’ll check in again next week and let you know how it goes.


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