The Return

Good morning!

As you can see I am tinkering around with the ol’ blog. I have moved it over here to WordPress. I wanted to do this a long time ago, but I am technology-challenged, so it’s taken awhile. But here we are. It is pretty plain for now, but I’ll continue to work on it to get some pictures around and make it feel a little more like home.

I need an outlet again, so I hope to write more often. I’ve just had so much going on and usually think the things I have to say are really only important to me, so why bother with the blog? But, I won’t write unless I have an audience (I guess) so I’m going to get back at it.

Today is Ash Wednesday 2016. This year, one of my children is old enough to keep the fast. THAT was a fun conversation last night:

Sarah: I can’t take my turkey sandwich for lunch tomorrow, so I guess I’ll spring for the cheese pizza.

Me: So…you’re 14 now, and should keep the fast.

Sarah: <blank stare> ummm, what?

I explained how the fast works and now that she’s 14, it applies to her. I encouraged her. And she ended up taking a granola bar for breakfast and an apple for mid-day and plans to eat her dinner.

I asked my children what they were giving up for Lent. I don’t think Helen has something yet, but Dani said she is giving up chips and everything like it (so no chips, pretzels, crackers, etc.) That’s a good one because I know that is a true sacrifice for her!

Alas, I have become so terrible with picking a sacrifice over the years. I hadn’t anything picked as of this morning. On my way to work, I decided to pray a Rosary for a special intention I have going right now. As I was praying that Rosary, I realized that what I need to do for Lent is to build up my prayer life. It has gotten so very slack the past few years. So, I decided that I will pray the full Rosary daily during Lent — I am not sure what it’s called, so I called it a full Rosary, but I intend to do each set of mysteries each day, so a total of 20 decades daily, to offer throughout Lent.

This will be a challenge for me and I believe it will require me to get up early and spend some time in prayer before everyone gets moving for the day. But, it should help me refocus a bit more on what’s important.

I’ve lost sight of what’s truly important — I can feel it in my bones and in my heart — something is just not right and I need to get it back the way it ought to be. (I will undoubtedly expound on this in future blogposts.) This most likely means stepping back from working out like I was. Truth be told, I’ve already stepped back a bit, but I keep trying to get back into it, and it’s not providing me the peace it did before. I think that is because the peace I need can only come from One Person and I have to seek His Peace in a more active way. My hope is that spending more time in prayer will guide me to Him in a deeper and more meaningful way.

I thank you for reading if you’ve followed me along this far. I wish you a blessed Ash Wednesday and a fruitful Lent.


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