Paleo Challenge Part Two (the Part During) – 1

The 30-day Paleo Challenge began yesterday. For these posts, I plan to just list out the days and the food I ate, and put the PointsPlus values in parentheses. Then I will list whatever workouts I did on those days.

Tuesday Food:

Breakfast: two scrambled eggs, 3 slices bacon, 2 sausage links (16 PointsPlus)

Lunch: Romaine lettuce, 2 hard-boiled eggs, bacon bits, cucumbers (6 PointsPlus)

Dinner: 1.5 Grilled Chicken Breasts, Romaine lettuce, plain, 3 slices of bacon (13 PointsPlus)

CrossFit in the morning.
Warm-up: 20 step-ups; 10 box jumps followed by 10 more box jumps and stretching

EMOM7 (that’s Every Minute on the Minute for 7 minutes) — Bent Over Rows at 65 pounds

Push-Press: Sets of 2-2-1-1-1 every 90 seconds. I worked up to 105#

6 jumping pull-ups
6 box jumps
12 air squats

Every round, add one rep (add two air squats). Keep going until cannot complete the rounds in the 2 minutes allotted. I got to 6 full rounds and through 12 of the 24 air squats of the 7th round.

Later in the evening, when I took Dani to her swim practice, I ran on the treadmill for 30 minutes.

Total PointsPlus were 35 — but that works okay for me as I am on maintenance and not on the official weight loss plan. With better planning, I won’t eat so much bacon, but it was a run-around, didn’t plan too well kind of day and I had to eat something that wasn’t grain or cheese/dairy…so, you know. 🙂

I’ll check back in on Saturday!!


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