7 Quick Takes – 76 — A Very Special Birthday Girl Edition

Thank you to Jennifer Fulwiler for hosting! 

— 1 —

Sunday is my sweet baby girl, Helen’s birthday! She will be 8  years old. Oh my. Let me say type that again: She will be 8 years old.

Do you see this precious 4-year-old here? The bottom pic was Helen’s pre-K pic. She has such a sweet smile.

— 2 —

I’ve written before about the fact that I claimed Helen as “my baby” from the earliest onset of pregnancy. I prayed for her to be a “momma’s girl.” I loved the independence of my oldest and cherished the relationship my second-born had with her dad, but I wanted a child who had eyes only for me.

And…well, God answered that prayer 100 times over I think. 🙂

First day of pre-K four years ago

Playing with her little brother…

Sitting by a fountain

Such a good big sister — reading to her brother
— 3 —

She has grown so much since then. Here is her Kindergarten pic:

— 4 —

Helen is in 2nd grade and therefore is in the midst of preparing for First Communion after having participated in First Reconciliation a month ago. Helen takes her preparation very seriously: she studies her questions and she successfully badgers her over-committed mom to work with her once a week. I couldn’t be more proud of the fact that her teacher told us at Parent-Teacher conferences this year that she is a “hard worker.” 

It made me proud because I was always described as a “hard worker” too and I love it that Helen has taken that trait and made it her own.

— 5 —
 Here are some recent pics from basketball season:

— 6 —
Being in 2nd grade also means the first year of eligibility to play basketball for St. Andrew’s. Helen had so much fun playing with her friends and I think she grew to like the game of basketball. Like many kids her age, she could probably do without the running, but I also think she realized how critical that particular movement is to playing basketball well.

2nd grade basketball pic
— 7 —

So, Happy birthday baby girl! You are a sweet, sensitive, smart girl. Your face lights up my world. You are Amazing! And…I love you.

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