What Am I To Do With My Hair?!?

I was going to do a 7QT posts on this, but then I got tired and busy so I didn’t get it written. But I still want to hash out my love-hate relationship with my hair.

First of all, growing up, I had the best hair! My dad went (mostly) bald at an early age and would always ask me if I would give him a hair transplant. It was our little joke. And it was fun.

I didn’t always like my hair, but I was always told I had the best hair. It was thick and wavy, I could wear it curly or straight. As a small child, my mother braided it every day. Then, at some point she chopped it off and it was short for a good part of my childhood. When I got to high school, I decided to grow it. It was a dark brown and it got really long. *sigh* Remember when you were young and it was “cool” and “chic” to wear your hair as long as you dare?

About 3 months into my freshman year of college, I cut it to about shoulder-length and honestly, I’ve done every sort of thing to my hair since then. I’ve grown it out, I’ve cut it short, I’ve layered it, I’ve had it all one length, I’ve had bangs, I’ve had no bangs, I’ve colored it and highlighted it and curled it and straightened it.

I’ve been growing it long for a couple of years now and I think I’m having to face the fact that it’s just too long. As much as I would like to think I can pull off sexy long tresses, I just don’t think it’s in the cards. It looks funky because I do need bangs (I just look too old without them) so bangs with really long hair otherwise, just doesn’t look good on me. Then the fact that I have to layer it anyway, I just have not got the patience for it, I guess.

I don’t like my hair to be super-short, either. I don’t pull off the pixie cut and I don’t care what everyone says, really short hair is NOT easier! I have to wash it every day and style it and at least with hair long enough for a pony tail, I can always do that.

Add in the fact that I work out in the evenings so I typically shower then and let my hair air-dry, if I had short hair that would inevitably look horrible the morning after I slept on it all night, that just causes extra shower/clean up time that I don’t really have.

So, medium length hair style is really what I need, I think. I had my hair done at a really cool salon in Vegas back in 2004 and he told me I should not let my hair go past my chin, that I need it to frame my face. I agree with him, but I like some hair longer than my chin, which is why I end up layering, I think…I can have layers that frame my face, even if I have a little longer past that.

This blog post is all about YOU sharing your ideas for what you think might be a good style on me. Please? Can you help a girl out?

Here’s what I want to know:
How short/long should I go?
What color should I go with? (I’ve been itching to go more red for some reason…)

Here are some pictures from the last year that give you an idea of my face structure…




With these two, you can see how my bangs work…when I keep them trimmed and in shape…


So, help me out? What do you think?


4 thoughts on “What Am I To Do With My Hair?!?”

  1. I like the bangs look. Not sure why exactly, but they just seem to fit your face type. So my vote would be bangs with a just below chin/above shoulder look.

    As redhead myself I'd also say go for the red! However, definitely have a salon do it. You'll want to get a red shade that matches your skin tone otherwise your face will look super red and/or blotchy as it picks up the red tones from your hair.

    Definitely post pics when you're done what you've decided to do.


  2. I have no idea what to do with hair, so I can't really advise you, but I will wish you the best of luck! If you have a stylist that you trust, sometimes they can come up with the best things, but it has to be someone that knows you. There was one that did my hair one time that came up with what was probably a great look for me, but I HATED it, because it was high maintenance to make it look right, so it looked bad with my low maintenance care.


  3. As far as your longer hair? Don't go past your shoulders. As far as bangs? I like the side swept, half bang – half side part for you. A longer version of the Heather Locklear look.


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