Monday Mumbles – 67

Good Monday morning to you! Wha—? another Monday? Okay then.

1. We were blessed with a warm day two Sundays in a row. Yesterday, I took advantage and ran 4 miles. Yay! But I was sore the remainder of the day. I’ve been running 3 miles no problem for awhile now…but add a mile and, oh boy, my muscles let me know about it!!

2. Helen’s basketball team won another one on Saturday. The game almost didn’t happen! The team we were supposed to play played the game at 8:00 and was also supposed to play at 9:00 against us. but they all dressed and went home! Thankfully, the organizer of the league was able to get a hold of someone and they all came back so the girls could play. It was fun and Helen scored another basket. Aside from that she played fabulous defense, too. 🙂

3. Saturday was busy with a birthday party for Helen to attend AND a birthday party for Dom to attend. It is these days when I am so happy Craig has Friday nights off…because we can split up and make sure both kids get to go to their friends’ parties.

4. Another reason I like Craig having Friday nights off? Date nights. We went to see American Hustle Friday night after the younger four went to bed (left Sarah in charge…) It was good. I just love Jennifer Lawrence. She’s one of my favorites.

5. I swam laps on Saturday morning for the second Saturday in a row. It feels good to do something non-weight-bearing. I am looking forward to when I get so much more comfortable being back in the water that it is effortless…just not there yet.

6. Speaking of swimming…Dani is doing great on swim team! They moved her to “lane 3” which apparently is a good thing. Then I saw her practicing Friday night and I realized she’s second in line in Lane 3. this has to be good, too. She is working so hard! It won’t be long, I think, until they allow her to try out for the actual team (she’s on “club” which is the level below “team”).

7. Vincent is crazy. The other night, Sarah was trying to get him in his pajamas and he ran away from her and up the stairs saying, “I go scare girls!” and I heard him open the door to Dani and Helen’s room and they screamed (most likely they were in some state of undress getting into pajamas…) THAT right there is exactly what I envisioned happening in my house at some point when I first learned I would have two boys in the house…picking on the older sisters. I am sure this is the beginning of something wonderful, LOL.

8. Man, Sunday was one of those days where I could not stop eating or snacking. I kept trying to drink water (“maybe I’m just thirsty…”) but it didn’t work. I still wanted chips, or cheese, or….something!! I really hate days like that and I hope yesterday was the last one until I make it to lifetime for WW, because days like that really slow me down!!

9. That warm weather we had yesterday? I fear it is probably going away because I heard the winds howling outside last night. I guess if I got to choose, I’d have the warm weather on the weekend, if we got to have it at all…but man, I’d give anything for spring to show up and stick around at this point.

This sums up my bad attitude pretty well:

10. I took Sarah shopping to use her gift card she got at Christmas yesterday. She got some killer deals! Sometimes it pays to have huge-ass feet (haha!!) because they had a pair of boots on clearance that she liked that were size 10 — $5 pair of boots! She scored!! She also found a graphic tee she liked for $5 off the clearance rack, another shirt suitable for school or church for $5, too! The only item she bought over the $5 threshold was a cute, pink infinity scarf. She made out like a bandit! I’m so glad, though…it was fun to take her shopping and watch her go to work.


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