2013 in Photos – A link up!

So, yeah…3 posts in a day? pshaw! Guess who’s catching up with bloggy-world on her day off work? Thanks be to God for the lovely Dwija at House Unseen for her awesome brainchild idears. ūüôā

So, Here are my 13 (well, okay, it’s 24 — give me a break…I couldn’t decide on ONE for a couple of months) photos for 2013.

We were expecting Gregory and heard his heartbeat when he reached 13 weeks gestation

Dominic turned 4!!
Helen turned 7!!

We said hello and good-bye to our sixth child, our son, Gregory
We took a Florida vacation over Spring Break/Easter
Enjoying the ocean

And Missed Vincent…
Helen prepared for a Ballet Production
Vincent turned 2!!
Sarah turned 12!!

Helen participated in Miss Missouri Pageant — Princess Division
Dani turned 10!!
We enjoyed visit with family from Florida

We enjoyed a fun Halloween

Family Photos for the year
Christmas at our house

We remembered our Saint, Gregory, at Christmas


4 thoughts on “2013 in Photos – A link up!”

  1. Oh, so sorry for your loss of your little one. I just clicked through to your blog through the link-up. Our nephew passed away in utero this fall, so we have a saint in heaven this Christmas, too. I'll keep you all in my prayers.


  2. Not that all of your children aren't gorgeous but Helen had some oh so cute moments this year! The ballet and pageant outfits are just the cutest.

    I love that ornament you have for Gregory. Where did you get it?


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