Weight Watchers Wednesday (12)

Oh Happy Day. I get to post this Wednesday that I reached my 10% goal last week! Yay!!

The WW keychain and 10% charm

I had had a pretty stellar week as far as tracking and working out went, so I was really happy to see it reflect on the scale.

Here’s a recap:
10/31/13 — First Weigh-in Weight: 189.2 pounds and BMI was 29.6
11/28/13 (one month in) —   Weight: 180.4 (down 8.8 pounds) and BMI was 28.3
12/19/14 (last recap post)– Weight: 176.2 (down total of 13.0 pounds) and BMI was 27.6
1/23/14 (almost three months in) — Weight: 170.0 (down a total of 19.2 pounds) and BMI is 26.6

Also, I got the results from my bloodwork at my annual physical and my total Cholesterol, HDL, LDL and Triglyceride levels were all “at goal.” My Thyroid test was normal, too. I’m so excited that all of that is doing well. My blood pressure was 110/78 which is a lot better than it had been (usually around 122/80 or so).

All the other times, getting to 10% was actually the kiss of death for any further weight loss. I don’t know what was wrong with my head those times, but I often couldn’t keep tracking, slowed down on my workouts…or you know, got pregnant or something! Getting pregnant is easy for me at the weight I am now (or within five pounds up or down). I don’t mean that to sound unapologetic…it’s a simple fact. As another matter of fact, my body produces fertility signals way better at this rate and NFP is much easier, too. (Note: I do have a post brewing on this topic because I think there’s a lot to be said for being at a healthy weight when managing fertility–whether trying to avoid, trying to conceive or not trying to do anything…just monitor fertility and weight is a sensitive subject that many people don’t want to touch.)

so my focus this week was to keep on going! Keep on tracking. Keep on working out. Keep planning to attend meetings…even after I hit the Lifetime threshold…the meetings are really important for me to have accountability.

This week was awesome in the workout department. I am still on my streak of work-out days. as of yesterday’s workout(s) I am at 16 days in a row of doing some sort of workout. I continue to hit the Crossfit box on at least Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I swam laps on Saturday, got another run outside with our awesome warm weather on Sunday, Workouts at the Y on Tuesday and Thursday nights, including my push-up app and I continue to increase my planking time. This week I had the opportunity to get to Crossfit on Tuesday (the earlier session) and then I also ran 2 miles on the treadmill at the Y, did my pushup app and planks. So…getting plenty of activity points going!

Food wasn’t horrible, but I had a wretched day on Sunday. For some reason I was hungry all day long. I wanted to snack — cheese, crackers, peanut butter…you name it, I wanted it and I actually had some of it. The good news is that I tracked everything. Also, last Thursday was “Taco Night” at our house and I snarfed…a lot. However, I do still have 10 Flex points remaining in my POints allowance, so I suppose all is not lost. haha.

I suppose it’s time for a photo…please ignore the fact I have no makeup on…I’d already cleaned up after my workouts last night!

I can really see a huge difference in face/neck area…

I am wearing a sweatshirt…but that’s okay…my mid-section is totally going to be the last thing to get “flat” if there is such a thing anymore for a mom of 5+1

BTW — those jeans are my size 12’s that are actually too big now, but I keep wearing them. I went through my closet this past week and I seriously do NOT have enough pairs of pants that I can get rid of the too-big ones yet! ughhh, you know?

Oh well, tomorrow’s another weigh-in. I have tempered expectations due to my Sunday snack-out, but maybe all the extra work I put in activity-wise will make up for it! Have a great week!


Monday Mumbles – 67

Good Monday morning to you! Wha—? another Monday? Okay then.

1. We were blessed with a warm day two Sundays in a row. Yesterday, I took advantage and ran 4 miles. Yay! But I was sore the remainder of the day. I’ve been running 3 miles no problem for awhile now…but add a mile and, oh boy, my muscles let me know about it!!

2. Helen’s basketball team won another one on Saturday. The game almost didn’t happen! The team we were supposed to play played the game at 8:00 and was also supposed to play at 9:00 against us. but they all dressed and went home! Thankfully, the organizer of the league was able to get a hold of someone and they all came back so the girls could play. It was fun and Helen scored another basket. Aside from that she played fabulous defense, too. 🙂

3. Saturday was busy with a birthday party for Helen to attend AND a birthday party for Dom to attend. It is these days when I am so happy Craig has Friday nights off…because we can split up and make sure both kids get to go to their friends’ parties.

4. Another reason I like Craig having Friday nights off? Date nights. We went to see American Hustle Friday night after the younger four went to bed (left Sarah in charge…) It was good. I just love Jennifer Lawrence. She’s one of my favorites.

5. I swam laps on Saturday morning for the second Saturday in a row. It feels good to do something non-weight-bearing. I am looking forward to when I get so much more comfortable being back in the water that it is effortless…just not there yet.

6. Speaking of swimming…Dani is doing great on swim team! They moved her to “lane 3” which apparently is a good thing. Then I saw her practicing Friday night and I realized she’s second in line in Lane 3. this has to be good, too. She is working so hard! It won’t be long, I think, until they allow her to try out for the actual team (she’s on “club” which is the level below “team”).

7. Vincent is crazy. The other night, Sarah was trying to get him in his pajamas and he ran away from her and up the stairs saying, “I go scare girls!” and I heard him open the door to Dani and Helen’s room and they screamed (most likely they were in some state of undress getting into pajamas…) THAT right there is exactly what I envisioned happening in my house at some point when I first learned I would have two boys in the house…picking on the older sisters. I am sure this is the beginning of something wonderful, LOL.

8. Man, Sunday was one of those days where I could not stop eating or snacking. I kept trying to drink water (“maybe I’m just thirsty…”) but it didn’t work. I still wanted chips, or cheese, or….something!! I really hate days like that and I hope yesterday was the last one until I make it to lifetime for WW, because days like that really slow me down!!

9. That warm weather we had yesterday? I fear it is probably going away because I heard the winds howling outside last night. I guess if I got to choose, I’d have the warm weather on the weekend, if we got to have it at all…but man, I’d give anything for spring to show up and stick around at this point.

This sums up my bad attitude pretty well:

10. I took Sarah shopping to use her gift card she got at Christmas yesterday. She got some killer deals! Sometimes it pays to have huge-ass feet (haha!!) because they had a pair of boots on clearance that she liked that were size 10 — $5 pair of boots! She scored!! She also found a graphic tee she liked for $5 off the clearance rack, another shirt suitable for school or church for $5, too! The only item she bought over the $5 threshold was a cute, pink infinity scarf. She made out like a bandit! I’m so glad, though…it was fun to take her shopping and watch her go to work.

7 Quick Takes – 74

Thank you to Jennifer Fulwiler for hosting! 

— 1 —

I’ll use my first take to shamelessly plug my nomination for a 2014 Sheenazing Award. The Awards are the brainchild of Bonnie at A Knotted Life and my li’l ol’ blog is nominated for the category, “Blogger with the Best Meme’s”. I’ve been looking at the list of nominees and wondering however I could be included in that list, but hey…I might as well, huh? So, go vote for me! 🙂

— 2 —
I am still keeping up with The Biggest Loser and I’m super-happy with “makeover week.” I keep thinking it’s time to do something with my hair and when I saw what they did with Marie…

Photo Found Here

…and her hair, I think I may just have to try that look.

Here’s my face now…What do you think?

— 3 —

The Frozen Tundra has returned to make its home here in Kansas City. Yuck! You know, it got cold awful early around here. The kind of cold we had in November was the kind of cold usually reserved for January and February around here. And now we’ve plummeted to new depths. I’m pretty much sick of it. I’m getting too old for cold weather.


— 4 —

Monday, I mentioned my Sarah was getting a phone. Well…

So far, she’s handling it well. She was completely surprised that she got it. It was not her birthday, we hadn’t gotten her 2nd quarter grade card yet and Christmas was a month ago. But, her dad and I had been discussing and believed her to be mature enough to handle the phone the way we thought she should, and thought she’d be responsible with text messaging, the camera and the potential social media that accompanies a smartphone. I really am glad we got the deal we got switching our service over to T-Mobile, too. (Psst, they are paying early termination fees and allowing you to sign on with them without a contract. Awesome!)

— 5 —
At Crossfit this week I set a PR in the Push Press. The Push Press is a movement where you take a barbell full of weight from your chest over your head. I lifted 105 pounds! Back in my younger days when I would venture an overhead lift, I never did barbells…always a machine and NEVER got close to 100 pounds. And now, I’m hoisting 105 pounds over my head! It’s nuts. And it makes me feel very proud of how strong I am getting.

— 6 —
I spent 22:00 on the erg (rowing machine for those that don’t know) at the YMCA last night. I do not like the erg at the YMCA. It is older than dirt and rickety. I rowed my 5000 meters, but I think from now on I will reserve my 5000 meter rows for the really nice erg at the downtown gym where I bought a punch-pass card or at the crossfit box. But, I got it done and that’s all that matters, I guess. After that, I set my timer for 10:00 and I did 90 second plank on my elbows, rested 1:00, then 90 second plank on my arms extended and rested 1:00, then the last five minutes was 1:00 on/1:00 off planks and I alternated elbows-arms extended-elbows for those three minutes I was in plank position. Crazy. I know it is working my muscles, but it is so hard!!
— 7 —
Now I can tell you that KU Men’s Basketball is 5-0 in conference play!! Wow, no one thought that would happen a couple of weeks ago. I’m so excited, though. this weekend, KU plays at TCU and that is the site of that unfortunate debacle from last year so I do hope they show up ready to play on Saturday. 


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**Updated** Someone Thinks I’m Sheenazing! (Vote for me?!)

The beautiful Bonnie at A Knotted Life began the Sheenazing Awards last year. I think it was lots of fun and I enjoyed seeing all the blogs (new and old to me) nominated.

This year, someone nominated Endless Strength! I don’t know what category the nomination falls under yet, but will when Bonnie posts the nominations and opens the voting. So, I’ll be sure to come back and update this post. And, I found out the nomination a in the category of “Blogger with the Best Memes”. Well, I think I am gonna have to extend credit to my friend Jessica because she dreamt up “Monday Mumbles” and I just latched on.

But either way, I am really excited to be included, so thank you!!

I’m a little (okay…a lot) excited at this first-time honor of being nominated for some internet blog-award thing! It’s very cool and thank you to the person (or people? be still my heart!!) who nominated this ol’ blog. It definitely has done my heart some good. 🙂

But…I know I don’t have a ton of readers and such, but I am going to go ahead and ask you, dear readers, to vote for me! 🙂 We’ve been through a lot this year. I know I’ve written more about my grief than anything else. And lately I’ve fallen into some weekly link-ups as my main source of writing. Hey, what can I say? Life in a dual-income household with five kids is pretty busy!

No matter what you do, you should definitely view the blogs nominated for the Sheenazing Awards because you may just find your next favorite blog. And for sure, follow Bonnie. She’s got an incredible story and she’s just an all around swell gal.

Okay, I’ll shut up now. 🙂




I’m done.


Vote? (for me?)

Ok. bye.

Weight Watchers Wednesday (11)

Happy Wednesday! Time to report on my weigh-in last week and how this week has gone. I might even delve into some other stuff, we’ll see. I’m kind of tired. 🙂

Last week, I weighed in at 0.6 pounds heavier than the week before. After having a huge drop like I had had (6.2 pounds) I kind of expected to be up…even only slightly, so I wasn’t surprised. It’s always good not to be surprised at the scale.

How has it gone this week? Actually, I have had a fantastic week in the Tracking department. 

I gotta tell ya…tracking is really the key to this whole accountability thing. If I don’t track what I eat, I conveniently forget how much and what I ate. So, tracking really is the key to me feeling confident and comfortable about my food intake and my activity. I bet lots of my Facebook friends think it’s stupid that I share my workouts, but for me…I NEED THAT. Seriously. I need to post what I did. I don’t care if anyone “likes” it or comments on it or anything like that…I NEED TO POST IT. It makes me feel more accountable for getting my activity in. I’m in a support group on FB where I also post what I’ve eaten. It helps us to support each other and again…I NEED to post it somewhere and be accountable somewhere.

Back to my week: unfortunately, I have used quite a bit of my 49 point weekly allowance as of Tuesday night. That’s strange for me, I don’t usually do that. However, I do have about 10 more activity points than usual for this point in the week.

How did I use so many of my 49 point weekly allowance? Well, Dominic’s birthday was Friday and we ordered Papa John’s pizza. And…well, I ate more of it than I probably should have. The good news is that I tracked it all! I also had a couple of Skinny Girl Margaritas this week…and while those are favorable in the PointsPlus category, I hadn’t really drank any alcohol for a couple of weeks…so they are points I hadn’t been using that I did use this week.

How did I end up with more activity points? I didn’t take the weekend off from exercising! I swam 2000m on Saturday in about 45 minutes and it was a fabulous workout. That right there equated to 10 activity points, by the way! Then Sunday, the weather was gorgeous and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to run in shorts and a t-shirt in the middle of January. We’re back to the crazy freezing temps now, so I am relegated to the treadmill. But it was nice to get activity in on the weekend and therefore, including Tuesday, I have had 9 straight days of some sort of workout.

Just sharing a bit of knowledge on a WWW 🙂

I want to do a recap again, but I really want to hit my 10% goal first. So I’m not going to do it this week. One really positive thing that’s been happening recently is that people are telling me they can see my hard work paying off. Mostly they say, “Michelle, you look great!” or ask if I’d lost some weight. It’s nice when people notice. 

Another non-scale victory is that it really is time to go through my closet and get rid of all the too-big pants and tops. I have a section now that I literally cannot wear because the pants sag too much, and the tops don’t stay up on my shoulders properly. That is cool. The thing holding me back is actually trying on the clothes from my “smaller” section of my closet because I’m afraid of them being tight. So…I guess I’ll wait another week or two, I will survive with a set of clothes I’ve been wearing most of the last couple of weeks.

When we went to the KU game on Saturday, they had “XL” t-shirts for everyone that said “Sixth Man” on the front for a picture they were taking (color-coded Crimson and Blue). I put it on, but seriously…Way. Too. Big. and that also made me feel good.

So, I will continue to work. I have this little goal in the back of my head that I want to be done paying for WW by April. So I need to get under the upper end of that “healthy range” so I can start my 6 weeks of maintaining that and get my Lifetime Membership!

Hope you are having a great week!

Monday Mumbles – 66

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday to you!

 This is one of my favorite holidays. So much of what Dr. King stood for and spoke out is near and dear to my heart. I also like having the day off work It would be even better if the kids didn’t have the day off from school…but, you can’t have everything I guess. 🙂

1. I had my annual doctor checkup today. It went well. He was happy my weight was down. I said, “I’m still working on it.” And he said, “you usually take care of it, I’m not worried.” Love my doctor. Love. Him. 🙂

2. Lucky me, I get to schedule my first Mammogram. Oh boy. Although, my doc said that the technology has come a long way in the last 10 years. I mentioned I had a couple of friends in the last year battling breast cancer…so I definitely want to stay on top of it.

3. I’m going to head out to a new wireless phone company and most likely switch us over today. Well, switch us…and add one. Yes, Craig and I have decided to get Sarah a phone. Heaven help us.

4. Actually, she’s proven to be very responsible about things over the past 18 months. And, we’ve had a few situations lately where we have thought, “Gosh, if Sarah had a phone, XYZ wouldn’t have been such a pain.”

5. I have had a talk with her about how we feel she has shown the maturity necessary to be responsible for a phone, that monitoring still applies, and please keep in mind that as quickly as we can provide a phone for her to use, we can also take it away. I think she’ll be fine.

6. How about my Jayhawks?!? The first four games of conference play were scheduled to be as tough as anything we had before conference play. And they were, but the Jayhawks won them all so far and sit atop the Big 12 again. Yay!

7. Love this video they showed at tipoff Saturday:


8. Tonight we play another ranked opponent, Baylor. I hope they pull out another W! 


10. Oh yeah and boo on the Broncos going to the Super Bowl. YOu know, I used to think Mizzou was the only team I really disliked. But I think I dislike Denver worse. I just can’t help it. I have been a Chiefs fan all my life and despised Denver for so long. I even used to like P. Manning. But…now, I can’t stand him because he’s a donkey.

Have a great Monday!!

7 Quick Takes – 73

Thank you to Jennifer Fulwiler for hosting! 

— 1 —
I had a thought while I was running last night about how weight loss works — at least in my experience. You see, I had that phenomenal week/weigh-in last week where I lost 6.2 pounds in a week, right? Then yesterday I had gained 0.6 pounds. I wasn’t upset, but I realized that sometimes when you have a week like I did where you lose 6.2 pounds, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking, “Hey, this weight loss gig isn’t so hard. I got this!” and you might lapse a little bit in your judgment and eat a little too much over the weekend and not track it really well. But then you get a dose of reality at weigh-in. Because…no matter how hard you tried on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday…you just couldn’t undo what you did over the weekend. And the scale doesn’t lie, folks!!

— 2 —
So, I was still running and I realized that spiritual life can work the same way. (I was getting my run in between returning home from work and taking Helen for her First Reconciliation, so I had sin on the brain!) I don’t know about you all, but when I go to Confession, oh man, what a feeling! I’ve committed to avoiding certain sins again, I’m gonna try really hard (because let’s face it…we’re going to sin again…because we will) not to commit some of my really bad ones that are also really bad habits. Well, so I do pretty good for a week or two…and I start to think, “Huh, see…I can do this whole living-right thing!” But the further I get from my last confession, the less I’m focused and inevitably I fall into a pattern of sin. Eventually, I take stock and examine my conscience (kind of like stepping on that scale…) and BAM! I can’t lie to myself and I know it’s time to go back to confession.

— 3 —

Something else I noticed while running? I am getting faster! I am now much farther along my route when I finish my Rosary! 🙂

— 4 —

So, here’s a picture of a pretty girl who’s soul has been wiped clean:

— 5 —
We’ll be celebrating Dominic’s birthday tonight. We are ordering pizza and he gets to pick “anything he wants” to rent from Family Video. Of course, he already told me he is going to rent the Angry Birds Star Wars Wii game. Love that kid. One track mind, he has.

— 6 —
Oh! in Helen’s basketball games last Saturday, she scored a basket in each! I was so over-proud. (Yes…I am THAT mom…I am way over-proud of my kids.) I jumped way high out of my seat! What was even cooler was that every girl on the team scored baskets last week. I loved it! It is so much fun coaching these girls…just a great group.

— 7 —
Last week I told you all about how my beloved Jayhawks are 1-0 in conference play! Well…now they are 3-0! Very exciting. Tomorrow they play at Allen Fieldhouse again — another one of the ranked and good teams of the Big 12, Oklahoma State. Oklahoma State beat KU last year in Allen Fieldhouse. Not cool. Of course, the Jayhawks repaid the favor a couple weeks later when they went to Stillwater. But…I’m thinking there better not be a repeat tomorrow. I get to go to this game, and I’m really excited!!   


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