Monday Mumbles – 61

Happy Veteran’s Day! I have some vets in my family — my dad and his wife, my  mom’s husband, my brother-in-law who is still serving in Reserves, my grandfather, Craig’s dad, too. I think it’s a great day to celebrate the men and women who serve our country. 

I absolutely love that I was born on this day, too. Because I work at an employer that treats this as the holiday it should be (for the Veterans!!) I also get the day off work. Score!

1. I began my day by taking Helen to the dentist for a follow-up procedure. It took all of 5 minutes basically and she was only just a few minutes late for school.

2. What was really great was I was able to make it to Crossfit for the 8:30 workout. On Veteran’s day and other holidays where we honor our service men and women, Crossfit gyms everywhere do “Hero WOD” workouts. These are tough, but not impossible and there is usually a bio of the veteran the workout is named after. Today’s was tough…with lots of burpees. But, I made it. Of course not as prescribed…I only used the 35 pound bar instead of the actual prescribed weight for all the non-burpee parts…but it was still tough!

3. Chiefs were on a bye this week so no update other than — they are still 9-0!!

4. Am I the only person that thinks Miley Cyrus isn’t really all that talented? I mean…I guess I should restate. I should say that she is talented, but she doesn’t use it very well. I caught part of a performance on SNL the other night and had to flip it. I don’t think she sings this genre of music she’s singing all that well. I liked the Hannah Montana music, but I don’t like this other stuff.

5. We spent Saturday afternoon getting family pictures taken. I’m really thankful to my sister-in-law and her husband for their patience (and equipment!) to take such fabulous photos. I’m trying my hand at editing in picasa3. I got some good results on a few. Of course, SIL/husband had to take fabulous photos in the first place, right?

My beautiful Sarah

Pretty girl, Dani

Helen! Oh, my!

Helen again, because I love both of these from up in the tree

6. We did get some great ones of the boys, but it took a bit more work.

Handsome boy, Dominic

This is the best smile/expression we got from him and I love this picture — my baby boy, Vincent.

7.  We also got some good pairs/group pictures…

Oh my goodness, I just love my boys…

These two — still baby girls and okay with that

My girls and me

8.Finally…a family photo:

November 9, 2013
9. This was one I edited a bit and has become a favorite…

I added a bit more shadow in another app, but I can’t find that one right now…
10. Truth: I have tons more photos than what is on this blogpost. I do hope to update my blog layout soon and use some of these in the header. My mom offered to edit the photos and print some, so I need to get organized and tell her which ones I want prints of and all that jazz. I may ask her to do this for our Christmas present this year…that would be better than trying to figure out some toy that works for the whole family.
Well, I am off in search of a birthday pedicure! Have a great Monday!!


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