On the Feast of St. Gregory

Today is the Feast day of St. Gregory the Great. 
That means it is Gregory’s Feast day. I knew it was his Feast day coming up a few days ago, but didn’t know what to do, or whether we should do anything at all.

At school, the Saint of the day at the kids’ school was St. Gregory of course. So, I knew I would come home to everyone knowing whose feast day it was. So, on my way home, I stopped at bought a cake and had them put “Happy Feast Day, Gregory!” on it. (I had to explain what a feast day was, and then had to endure a little smirk from the bakery lady and the comment, “never heard of anything like that before” but…she did a lovely job and I brought the cake home.)
The Cake
The cake and the plants we received in honor of Gregory
Sunday was 6 months since Gregory was born into heaven. While it’s a little easier to think about Gregory these days, there’s still a bit of longing and sadness. 

But today, we celebrate our little guy in heaven.

Happy Feast Day, my dear sweet boy. 
Saint Gregory, Pray for us.



7 thoughts on “On the Feast of St. Gregory”

  1. Our Gus' feast day was August 28th, and I've never thought of doing anything special. That was the day we actually got the news, so it's always been a kind of gloomy day. But now you've inspired me to do something a little more in celebration. I'll have to remember that for next year! Praying for you guys!


  2. Oh – I LOVE it!!! I love the cake and that you celebrated (and I love the text you sent about Dominic – so awesome!).

    You know I was praying for you all, I like to picture St. Gregory the Great taking a walk with Gregory and explaining how intercessory prayer works, and that on feast days you get called on extra. I don't know, I know heaven doesn't work exactly like that (well, as much as we can know about heaven), but I just liked the image.

    St. Gregory the Great and sweet Gregory – pray for us!


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