Monday Mumbles – 52

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a great weekend. How ’bout a few mumbles?
1. We had a good time at the pageant this weekend. I have a post I’m working on about how this non-pageant-mom-person survived complete immersion in pageant weekend.

2. For a first time pageant contestant, I thought Helen did extra-special awesome!

3. I think she really enjoyed being the focus of her Mommy and Daddy’s world for a couple of days, too.

4. The little girl who was right next to Helen all weekend long was the girl who won! Helen really liked this little girl. Her name was Sienna, and she and Helen had a blast together all weekend. When everything was over and I got Helen changed out of her dress, she wanted to stop and give Sienna a hug and tell her congratulations.

5. I am going to brag on my Helen, here, too. She didn’t cry at all when she wasn’t selected as a semi-finalist. (Yes, the fact I mention it means there were plenty of tears around us.) We came to the weekend to have fun and to have a positive experience and that is exactly what we did.

6. I told Helen all day Friday and afterward that I was proud of her. I mean, she got up in front of a huge room full of people, with a spotlight on her and a microphone in her hand and she introduced herself. She may not have had as snazzy an introduction as some of the girls, but you could hear and understand her and she gave a beautiful smile all the while!

7. Some pictures…

Ignore the red in my eyes… 🙂
At the formal wear competition
Oh goodness, this is one where she looks A LOT like me when I was a kid
With her godmother after the Pageant!
So proud of my baby girl
Helen with her Daddy after the Pageant

8. okay, seriously, more in my post I’m writing later.

9. T-10 days until the first day of school! My kids are definitely enjoying the waning moments of summer.

10. I’m a little disappointed that no one commented on my story about Dominic from last week. Maybe it wasn’t as funny/cute/awesome as I thought it was. 


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