Monday Mumbles — 44

Mondays. Blah.

1. This was Vincent a couple weeks ago (his hair is so long!!)

2. This is a blurry picture of Vincent yesterday after I cut his hair (me, for the first time on my boys, cutting hair!)

3. Vincent does not like to sit still. At. All.

4. I ran my 5K Saturday…the whole way, too. It was a nice course, I thought. It had a steady incline through the 1.5-2 mile mark and then it was a nice gradual decline to the finish. By my phone I did it in 32:00 and Nike+ app cheered me for my “fastest 5K” (since I’ve been using that app — I was faster when I was younger, haha).

5. As cold as it was, it was still a good run. Sure hope Mother Nature is going to let us have spring now. Living with temps in the 30’s in May is not cool.

6. Watched Skyfall yesterday. I enjoyed it. I love the 007 movies. 🙂

7. I cried at Mass again. This time, I thought I was going to make it, but then….the tears started right before Communion. Sometimes I wonder if I cry because I expect to cry. My therapist says I need to stop with the thinking that crying is a bad thing or that I’m supposed to be over all this by now. My brain knows she’s right, but the part of me that always picks everything up and moves forward on everything else in my life is stubborn.

8. I ran 3.5 miles this morning! The hills around my house are brutal. I know it’s not like living on a mountain range, (ahem, Rebecca), but they are pretty hard around here. I try to remind myself they are getting me ready for the incredible incline for like 1.2 miles in the Hospital Hill 10K on June 1…but then I realize that if it was just a bit flatter around here, I’d be up to 4 miles by now! 

9. Our parish is getting an altar rail. I think I misunderstood what Father said last week and thought it would be installed this weekend, but apparently have to wait one more week. I’m very excited. We got a new altar just a couple of weeks ago, too. Our sanctuary looks so very different now than even just a few years ago. I know I personally like the changes, but I’m not sure how everyone feels about it. I was reminded of my last “Catholicism Nerd” post I did. I need to think of something else in that vein to write — it’s been awhile!

10. Working from home this morning because Vincent had goopy eye last night and I don’t want to take a chance on spreading it at daycare. So, I’ll work from home, get him down for his nap and then head into the office because there is some testing I need to do this afternoon!

Have a good Monday!



3 thoughts on “Monday Mumbles — 44”

  1. Oh, good… I didn't miss the first altar rail Mass!

    I plan on taking a walk with the boys around our neighborhood this afternoon… I'll get to experience these hills you speak of!


  2. Tears are tough when we'd rather be in control, but they are a good thing, and if you really thought you were “over it” I would be worried about you.

    I love that you're getting out running! Running is amazing and way to go on running all of the 5K!


  3. I knew I was getting tagged before I saw the tag – hehe :).

    It is a bit challenging to find flat around here – but I know I don't have a monopoly on hills :). I am really looking forward to our August race!

    Excellent job on Vincent's hair (though, I may not be the best to ask for advice because my entire goal would be: do not cut the child) LOL


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