Monday Mumbles – 42

It’s another Monday. And I’m mumbling, since I have something that fits the format. Hope you had a fabulous weekend. I enjoyed two days away from work, running around with my minions and such. But alas, back to work I go!

1. Today is a rest day from running, but get this — when I do my Couch-to-5K workout tomorrow, I will be running longer stretches than the walking segments. That is cool, eh?

2. I have accelerated the program because I signed up for a 5K on May 4 and I really would like to run the whole thing without stopping. That’s my goal anyway. The 5K is for our city’s Corporate Challenge and I am the only woman in my age category who is signed up, so no getting out of it (they only take two participants from each company in each age group per event). And what the heck that I am in the 40-45 age group, right? When did I get so old?

3. My husband and I are planning to run a 10K the first weekend in June. We ran it last year, too, but my hope is to do better this year anyway.

4. And that 100 pushup app experiment thing I’m doing?  Well, I repeated a week so I just finished Week 2 which was really 3 weeks of focusing on pushups. Two weeks ago I did an assessment and I couldn’t do more than 6 pushups at a time. Yesterday was my next assessment before moving on to week 3 on the app and I did 16! And those are “man-style” pushups, yo. NO KNEES!  🙂

5. As I was running the other day, I realized that I really wish my mid-section would get the memo that I am not pregnant anymore. I’ve lost almost all of the weight I put on in this previous pregnancy, but my lower abdomen is stubbornly sticking out there to remind me that I was supposed to be pregnant still. Unfair.

6. I know everyone’s blogging about the Gosnell thing and the media not covering it and all that stuff. I want to join in, but the whole thing is so darn evil. I read a good portion of the grand jury report and had to hold back bile, and I shed some tears. I realize it might not have been the healthiest choice to read that only 6 weeks after delivering my dead baby — the one who died at 17 weeks and was fully formed, and precious and how much I wished he would have still been alive so I wouldn’t have to deliver him. The kind of baby that had Gosnell encountered alive would have murdered. What kind of sickness must infect, no infest that man’s soul to do the things he did? And what kind of government and society do we have that this sort of thing happens and hardly anyone is outraged?

7. On that note, I’ll just link to this piece, “Why Didn’t They Cover Gosnell?”. It’s short and to the point and doesn’t mince words. Spot on, it is.

8.  Sarah’s club volleyball season wrapped up this weekend. She had a good time. She really likes the girls she played with. She even said she’d be okay doing a “waiver” next year to play with them and due to her being young for the cut-offs, I’m inclined to let her. (A “waiver” means she is technically supposed to play U13 ball next year, but she can keep playing with the girls on this team in U12 and they just couldn’t play any gold tournaments. Based on how many teams we seemed to play this year that had players on waiver, I don’t think this would be bad…)

9. I signed Helen up to start the FUN league for volleyball this summer so she can start getting a handle on the fundamentals. She actually shows some interest in volleyball and basketball without me having put her in anything yet. I say that’s a plus.

10. One more! I hit my 5% goal with Weight Watchers this past week and I’m still moving down. I have been reading a lot lately on hormones and guess what I found out? Progesterone deficiency is most likely the main reason I gain so quickly and so much when I’m pregnant…because I don’t make enough of it to counteract the hormones that are supposed to fatten me up for breastfeeding and all that jazz. So, no balance, means that I just pack it on for 40 weeks (or 20 in this past case). The good news is that now that I’m cycling again and I will take Prometrium 10 days per cycle, it should assist with my weight loss.  Who knew these hormones were such ornery suckers?

Have a great Monday! Here’s a fun photo of Sarah and Helen wearing their ears at Disney!


2 thoughts on “Monday Mumbles – 42”

  1. Love that photo! Have a great monday. Interesting about the progesterone..mine is always dangerously low and i always gain 50+ pounds. Hmmm. Will check out your gosnell link now. Thanks. Good luck w the run.


  2. You've been doing fabulous on the running! I told you that at work today but figured I should reiterate it. 🙂 I can't wait to see you at the KCCC – we'll be in good company with Joe and Patrick from Project team. Woo hoo! Get excited! LOL


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