7 Quick Takes – 41

— 1 —

Why do people insist on coming to work sick?  I manage a team of 16, including myself.  An illness has made its way around just about everyone now that pretty much everyone has been sure to come to work and share their precious germs with everyone else.  I do not get it.  These are people who get something like 6 weeks per year of PTO.  I work at a bank.  6 weeks = 30 working days of PTO…add in all the holidays and…yeah, lots of time off.  

I realize that previous management were all sticklers about a person should never call in sick, yada yada yada.  But seriously.  I have five kids and a husband at home that do not need to get the germs these people insist on exposing me to at work.  Never mind the fact that I’m pregnant and that means I can’t take anything to feel better, should I actually get sick.  This week, I had someone tell me that she was just “stubborn that way” when I asked if she really should be at work (she looked terrible!!! and she had just told me about all the medicine she was taking so she would make it through the day…ugh!!!)  Hey lady — it’s NOT ABOUT YOU and how stubborn you are or are not.  IT IS ABOUT THE FACT that you’re snotting all over the place, running a fever and are likely about to pass it on to the next person in our team just because you don’t stay home to get well!  


— 2 —
I have got the winter blues.  We had a little reprieve from cold weather on Monday — it was close to 70 degrees and beautiful!!! — and we are back to single digits and biting wind.  I was excited to see a cool thread on a FB group I am part of where people were sharing what they were looking forward to.  It cheered me up!  And then I realized that I, too, have things to look forward to as well.  I have another OB appointment on February 18 and I am planning to take my girls so they can hear the heartbeat and see what one of my prenatal checkups is like.  I should get to schedule my ultrasound then, too!  Woo-hoo!!  I love finding out the gender of my baby every single time.  It’s just the best.

— 3 —

I got to have lunch with my dear friend Jessica (I still miss her blog!!) this week.  It was such a blast!  She and I used to sit right by each other and we’d talk the day away while working.  Then we didn’t get to work together for a couple of years.  But when I took my new position last week, I do work with her again…not directly, but enough that I get to see and talk to her regularly at work, which is way cool.  We had a great time, I think, and some good food, too.

— 4 —
Vincent has really started talking the past few weeks!  He says SHOES and SOCKS when we take them off and put them on.  He says POOP when we mention potty-training (haha!)  He said JAYHAWK the other day when we put his KU sweatshirt on!!  I’m so excited that he’s building his vocabulary, finally!!!


— 5 —
There was a middle school dance Sarah asked to go to last Friday.  Ultimately, I just wasn’t ready to subject her to some of the behavior that I remember happening in places where 11, 12 and 13 year-olds were congregating without enough adult supervision.  I have no idea if this particular dance was well-chaperoned or not — but regardless, we decided she wouldn’t go.  

BUT!!  She got to go ice skating with a couple friends instead and I think she had a blast!!  The mom of one of the other girls drove them and brought them home and hung with them while they skated and took them for milk shakes at McDonald’s afterwards.  Sarah got home at 11 and talked my ear off about it until 11:45!!!  I was so happy she had a good time.  And MORE THAN EXCITED that she spends so much time talking to me these days.  I hope she always will (though I know these things often go in cycles for awhile).  She really seems like a carefree preteen these days and it makes my heart smile.

— 6 —
I have been mulling over a post about monitoring kids on their mobile devices / apps.  I will tell you right now, I think I’m the only parent I know who monitors my kid as much as I do.  And THAT starts making me wonder if I’m being too over-protective or something.  
But then, I see something a kid we know posts on Instagram and I think…”WHOA, if my daughter posted THAT — I would be PISSED!!!” But then I think, “I’m so glad her iPod Touch broke and she doesn’t have access to see that right now without me looking over her shoulder and us having an opportunity to discuss how wrong that is.”  
It is such a fine balance — helping your kids grow up and be independent.  I think my dad said once that you want to “give your kid JUST enough rope to hang himself, but not so much that you can’t get there on time.”  
And my kid is only eleven, folks!!

— 7—

I put the word out to Kelsey that I’m considering switching up the ol’ blog again.  I’ve grown tired of the way this one looks…I want something a bit brighter.  Man, I sure wish I had some skills in this arena, but Kelsey did a fabulous job before…and I just need to give her an idea of what I want!!

However, it’s kind of driving me nuts while I think about it because then I start wondering if I should change my blog name to something a bit more “mommy-blogger” or maybe something a bit more “Catholic blogger.”  But then…like many times in my life — I don’t necessarily understand just where I fit in when it comes to blog-world.  
Well, anyway…things to ponder for another week!  I do hope you have a fabulous weekend and be sure to visit Jen at Conversion Diary for more 7 Quick Takes!  



10 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes – 41”

  1. I love your quick takes..they always make me smile. I am staying at home again with my baby who has a 103 temp and just texted my boss. (WHY…DO we feel so freaking guilty about calling in sick? I always feel this relentness pressure that I have to BE at work.)I hate it! It is definitely a culture thing at my company also. Ridiculous! Thanks for your rant. Can't wait to find out if you are having a boy or girl!


  2. I hate it when people come to work sick. Hate, hate, HATE IT.

    It is fun to change up your blog. I've thought of dropping Kelsey a line myself. But as to your name or any of that, it's up to you, but I think you fit great where you are, being you!


  3. I think the Sheenazing Awards gave me an unhealthy dose of voting fever. If you really want a new name, come up with a list of new blog names and we'll vote! :)Just kidding! Great minds though… I have been playing around with the idea of getting my own domain name and organizing it.


  4. Michelle… It's nice to have things to look forward to but it is also fun to be happy for each other and all the things that others are starting to look forward to! I think it is awesome you are bringing the girls to hear the heartbeat! That is so special! I hope all goes well! Praying for you and your sweet family!


  5. You are who you are in the blogosphere, and don't worry about if you're doing it “right.” 🙂

    I am interested to know how you monitor the kids. I'm not looking forward to the whole technology fight. It's got to be coming soon. Middle school dances? Same story!


  6. I like “Endless Strength”, it's a good blog name! I hear you on changing up the blog design. I'm no where near happy/comfortable with my current one, but can't seem to create what I want.

    I wish I could just lock my future preteens in a closet somewhere safe – more for my sanity than for theirs I think. I remember those years and oh boy… For the sake of Little Monster's freedom I'm going to stop myself right there and hope that by the time s/he is a preteen, being plugged in will be uncool. A mom can hope, right?


  7. I agree – I think your blog name is awesome 🙂 – and just be who you are, my “direction” of my blog has changed so many times but it's always my story…just as yours is your story.

    So fun you are taking the girls to the appointment!

    Did I read somewhere that you think you're having another boy??


  8. It's been almost 4 years and I am STILL furious with the co-worker who gave me strep throat a month before Daniel was born, especially as I was pregnant so they had to be so careful with what they gave me for antibiotics.

    I wish sick people would stay home!


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