When My Mind Wanders…

This random post brought to you by preggo-brain.  Sometimes when I am suffering my anxiety of an unsure world, I need to take solace in the happy things my mind can dwell on.

When my mind wanders these days…

…I’m done with pregnancy and pulling this old body back together
…I get pool time and can swim any time I want
…I can walk for miles and climb stairs for days

…I can run 13.1 in sub-2 hours
…and not only survive but KILL IT for 45 minutes of Boot Camp
When my mind wanders to places long ago forgotten…
…I’m recording “kills” and “aces” on the volleyball court

…and shooting the game winning baseline jumper

…and winning my one and only individual swimming event, 11-12 100 Yd Individual Medley

When my mind wanders into the future…

…I’m taking Sarah shopping for a Homecoming gown

…I’m attending a solo performance by my kick-ass guitar-vocalist, Dani

…I’m crying happy tears while my baby girl, Helen, receives her first Holy Communion

…watching Dominic win the State spelling bee

…peeking through my fingers to watch as Vincent takes a jump/fall on a bungee cord

…holding an asyetunknowntome child in my arms

When my mind dreams big dreams…

…one of my children enters a convent or a seminary and devotes his or her life to God

…there are graduations, and ambitions, and weddings, and grand-babies

…Craig and I come to a place so filled with love and memories, 
that even though it’s “empty”…it’s not



One thought on “When My Mind Wanders…”

  1. That last line. Just beautiful. That's really what it's all about, isn't it?

    I like your preggo brain!

    (Seriously?! A sub-2 hour 13.1, AFTER 6 children? Ugh! I'm so jealous.)


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