7 Quick Takes – 37

— 1 —
Please pray for Jennifer Fulwiler, our weekly host of this great link-up.  She was in the hospital and had 2 pulmonary embolisms in her lungs.  She was discharged Thursday night to treat the clot at home, praise God!!  She is pregnant and due in May.  Her saint for 2013 is St. Michael the Archangel, so please ask for his intercession on her behalf.
— 2 —
We had a beautiful Christmas!  We love to take pictures of the kids in front of the Christmas Tree.  I found this particular sequence amusing:

My pretty girl, Sarah

My Dani-girl
Helen!  With Curls!!
Handsome boy, Dominic!

Yes, when his Daddy said, “Vincent let’s take a picture!” Vincent lay down face-first and threw a fit.
— 3 —

Helen lost her second top front tooth!  Oh my gosh, she is so cute.  I just can’t stand it.

— 4 —
Sarah got contact lenses a few weeks ago.  She really only cares to wear them to play volleyball.  But what a difference it has made for her to wear them as opposed to the sport glasses she used to wear.  She’s gotten so much better!!  I’m sure the added height and weight doesn’t hurt, but I think the fact that she can see and has peripheral vision makes a huge difference.  The other night she served 6 overhand serves in a row in a scrimmage!!  Very proud of how hard she is working.

— 5 —
The principal at my Catholic grade school passed away New Year’s Day.  This woman was a blessing to our family in many ways.  She was there for my  mom when my mom was struggling.  The sisters lived across the street from us and would watch out for us all the time.  I am going to try and make the prayer service tonight.  The funeral will be crazy busy, so I’m thinking it might be better to make the prayer service.

— 6 —

I used Jen Fulwiler’s random saint generator to get a saint for 2013 that I could pray to ask intercession.  I thought about it and I clicked the button.  Up came St. Clare of Assisi.  As I read the little information available about her on the bio I found, I was amazed at how these things work.  First of all last week, I was thinking about gender and what name we might use if we had a girl and Clare popped into my head, just crazy-like.  I had never considered Clare before, but for some reason, the name popped up as I was thinking about it.  And, St. Clare of Assisi is a patron saint of laundry workers (what is a mother of 6, if not a laundry worker, right?) and also a patron of embroiderers, eye disease, eyes, goldsmiths, telephones, televisions and television writers.  Her feast day is August 11.  I am planning to get a book about her life to read very soon.

— 7—

Poor little Vincent has been suffering a bout of pneumonia this week.  The good news is I think he is on the mend because last night he was kicking his high chair and squealing and seemed to enjoy the fact he was irritating Dani.  Also, Wednesday night was the first night in over 2 weeks that I got at least 2 hours of good sleep.  So, I feel a little better, but I am praying for a few more nights (at least!) with good sleep.

Today, Hallie Lord at Moxie Wife is hosting 7 Quick Takes for Jennifer.  Be sure to keep Jennifer in your prayers.   Thank you, Hallie for hosting! 


9 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes – 37”

  1. Beautiful pictures! (The one of Vincent made me laugh!)

    I attend St. Clare of Assisi parish, so I heartily approve of the potential name choice. It's high on our list as a potential girl name as well! (Not expecting, but we always have a name list.) 🙂


  2. That sequence of pictures ROCKS! 🙂

    I wear contacts, and I can promise you that her vision is better. As I understand it, it's because the lens is directly on the eye instead of an inch or two away. I'm sure the peripheral vision helps too!


  3. How fun to be considering new names. You've done such a great job with the others' names, I am sure this one will “fit” too. Love the pictures tto. Showed my mom and she got a good chuckle too.


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