Monday Mumbles – 36

It’s another Monday. Mumble much? Yeah…me neither. 🙂

1. Remember TOOJE? the friend that started Monday Mumbles? Yeah, she doesn’t blog anymore and I miss it, but I totally understand why. It’s a commitment that I don’t really have time for either sometimes! But…every so often, I think, “Man, I wish she’d post” and then I go check to make sure I didn’t miss something…and find out that I didn’t.

2.  So, I’ve been sitting on something for…like…12 days.  And I realize that I just can’t sit on it any longer.

I’m pregnant and due late July.  (I told you…it’s only been, like 12 days since I took the test!!)  I’m such a bad secret-keeper.  (more on that later)

3.  I’ll have a more in-detail post(s) on the impending arrival of Hughes baby #6 I am sure.  But for now, I have to tell you how crazy it feels to be so open about this so early.  It’s not really all the crazy, I mean, the baby exists whether I tell the world about him/her or not.  My last pregnancy was tumultuous through the first 12 weeks, trying to balance progesterone and maintain the pregnancy and all that jazz.  So far, I have had no issues with progesterone this time.  I count this a miracle, but I’m not out of the water yet.  I will have another round of blood work on December 3 that should give us a better idea if high levels of progesterone are here to stay with this little one.  I will gladly accept your prayers.

4.  Low progesterone and the accompanying fear of miscarriage was one reason I kept the news of Vincent’s impending arrival quiet for 13 weeks.  Another was that I was in a very unfriendly inhospitable work environment when the topic of openness to children surfaced.  And, my insecurities re: family size and my state in life as a work-outside-the-home mom were still fairly intact.

With this pregnancy, I had strong showing in progesterone in my initial blood work, my work environment is completely different and I have shed my skin of insecurity to don a far more confident outlook on God’s call to work-outside-the-home-motherhood.

5.  Furthermore, I wondered to myself, why do I want to wait until the first trimester is clear before announcing publicly that I am pregnant?  The baby is no less of a baby just because I am only 4 weeks from conception (6 weeks gestational age).  And if I were to miscarry, I would be very sad (I know that probably doesn’t even touch how I would feel about it, but words probably can’t describe, so “very sad” it is) to lose our little one, so I may end up explaining to people anyway about the pregnancy.  So, I decided that I just want to be happy about the baby and tell anyone about the baby and let them see and feel our joy.  Honestly, very few people are sad at the news of new life, I have found over the years.

6.  So…do the kids know?  Why, yes, I am so glad you asked!!  We took the fam out to get family portraits done Friday night and afterward, at dinner, informed the kids of their new sibling.  I could see the wheels spinning in Sarah’s head.  I couldn’t tell if she was calculating just how a new sibling impacted her personally, or if she was just trying to process the whole thing of being the oldest of six.  Dani and Helen immediately informed us that they hope they get a baby sister.  Dominic told me that he needed a baby brother.  Then he said, “I need a baby brother named Vincent.”  So I told him, “Well, Dominic, you already have a baby brother named Vincent.”  And he said, “Well…I need another one.”  haha

7.  Last night, though, Dominic said to Craig, “I hope we get a baby girl.  hmmm.  I think we should call her Rebecca.”  I thought that was so cute that I texted Rebecca to tell her all about it.  Then I thought about the fact that my Sarah is “Sarah Rebecca”.  🙂

8.  So…do my parents know?  Why, yes!  Yes, they do!  They were both thrilled to hear the news.  Here is how I told my dad when I called him to wish him happy birthday on Saturday.  As I was relaying all that was “up to date” in Kansas City, I said, “Well, we’re gonna have one coming off the bench next summer.”

My dad:  then, “huh?  what?”

Me:  “Well, you know, we got the basketball team covered, and now they’ll have one coming off the bench sometime next summer.”

My dad:  “Ha!  Really!  Wow!  What a surprise!!”

So, then I agreed…what a surprise, indeed.  A blessed surprise.

Following that phone call, I called my mother and let her in.  She was excited as well, and she said…”Wow, you’re just going right on past 5 and having 6, huh?!?”  Yes, yes we are.

9.  So…does Craig’s mom know?  Why, yes!  Yes she does.  Craig shared the news by phone with her last week.  He tells me that he thinks she was very surprised and she said, “Congratulations!”  Which, by the way, is really the only proper response, IMO!

10.  Oh and about those family portraits, let me share a few with you:

Our First Family Portrait including Vincent
Love our Jayhawks!

Sweet pic of my boys
Me and my girls

My girls!
All of my children

My girls!



Dominic and Vincent

First pic with Craig taken in probably 4 years
Vincent — the best photo of him ever!

My five children



 I hope you all have a fabulous Monday!!



18 thoughts on “Monday Mumbles – 36”

  1. Congratulations!!! So excited to hear it! 🙂 I'm one of six, so I happen to think 6 is a great number; though I won't lie, I always though 7 was a really good number, too. 😉 I will definitely be praying that the numbers continue to go well and that things continue to go smoothly.

    Beautiful family photos! I definitely appreciate seeing all that Jayhawk gear. 🙂


  2. Congratulations! It is great to hear that hormone levels are going better than with Vincent so far. Speaking of which, I love that Dominic wants another one!

    And add my vote to the pro-Rebecca side. 😉 My parents would tell you that once you have a certain number of children you get to re-use names, especially if you only used it as a middle name the first time.


  3. Congratulations! That was such a surprise to read! And those are great pictures! I can't wait until some of our kids start getting a little older and we can at least get everyone looking happy in generally the same direction…


  4. What wonderful news, Michelle! You have a beautiful family. I am thrilled for your soon to be benchwarmer addition.

    Btw, way to make it look easy…a natural Clair Huxtable! 🙂


  5. Michelle! Congrats! I am so happy for you! This calls for a celebration…. I'm sure the Katie and Maggie would be down for that!

    PS- your family is absolutely beautiful!


  6. What terrific news! Congratulations to you. I feel so lucky your shared this with us on your blog. It's so inspiring. You are my hero and you make me feel good about being a working mom and wanting more children. THANK YOU! 🙂 I am praying for you and your little baby. (Now, you are going to have to go vehicle shopping soon.. heheh).


  7. What great news! I am happy for all of you. I wonder if that old lady that comes over to 'Hang with the Hughes kids' can handle six. Well, she's got some time to get in the groove, doesn't she. Love you all and best wishes!


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