Monday Mumbles – 24

It’s Monday.  Again.  Annoying as that may be, I’m gonna Mumble today.

1.  Kids are on spring break this week.  Yay for them!

2.  I…am NOT on spring break this week.  Boo for me.  😦

3.  That’s kind of the way it goes when you elect to take paid-time-off around other holidays in the year.  Oh well.

4.  Sarah still has volleyball practice.  Dani still has soccer practice.  Kids will have a play date or two and an outing with Grandma.  They aren’t hurtin’.

5.  If you celebrate Easter, I pray you had a blessed weekend.  We sure did.  The weather was beautiful here.  The girls were able to wear their dresses and the boys looked quite dapper in their matching suits.  🙂

6.  I began the third week of Boot Camp this morning.  I find that it is easy enough to get up in the mornings to go to Boot Camp.  Not saying I look forward to it, necessarily, but I’m motivated.  Now, I need to find some motivation on Wednesdays and Fridays and one of the weekend days.  So far, that has not happened since I started Boot Camp.

7.  I’ve been going to the Weight Watchers at Work meetings for about 6 weeks now.  I was **SO** close to the 5% goal last week.  Sadly, Easter Sunday was not kind as far as food goes.  I’m hoping to at least stay the same this week and really work on that last 0.8 pounds to that first goal the following week.

8.  Thanks for all the comments and support through e-mails from my little episode a week or so ago.  I still have struggled with that post because I wasn’t sure what I was trying to accomplish with it.  But I have heard from a few who shared that it was really nice to know someone else felt the way they did at times, so I think I should just count it as a success for whatever that was supposed to look like.

9.  How’s that for wishy-washy?

10.  And my Jayhawks made it to the Championship game of the NCAA tournament, but were simply no  match for the powerful Kentucky Wildcats.  Now it’s time for Baseball!  Go Royals!!

Do you feel like Mumbling?  Grab the button up there, write up your own and let TOOJE know and she’ll probably link you up.  Either way, go visit TOOJE and see what she is mumbling about today…or maybe she’s not…I dunno!  Oh well, if she’s not she has some KILLER cute kids of whom she probably has some pictures up.


2 thoughts on “Monday Mumbles – 24”

  1. Hmm…I wonder how Mumbles will work if I choose to stay private. Eh.

    I'll worry about that come Sunday evening. LOL

    Don't you wish we could be granted spring break with our children? Blah. I took it for the first time this year and it was nice.


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