Monday Mumbles – 9

Welcome to the Columbus Day edition of the Mumbles.  I’m so glad TOOJE started these.  It’s fun to get a post up early in the week (when I sit down and get this done anyway!)
1.  I find that I don’t really care how inaccurate or incomplete the history about Christopher Columbus and whether he did or did not *really* discover America.  I do, however, enjoy having the day off work.
2.  I caved and turned my A/C back on this weekend.  It’s been getting up into the mid- and high 80’s for about a week now and I kept waiting for it to stop doing that and cool off again, but alas, my house was too hot for sleeping Friday night.  So, I turned it back on.  I hope to turn it off for good very soon.
3.  I had delayed the whole summer-to-winter wardrobe switch and with this last little heat-blast, I guess I’m glad I did.  But, this weekend, that ended as well.  Tank tops, shorts and flip-flops are now stored for the winter.
4.  I picked up a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake Saturday night.  The kids are really enjoying it.  I haven’t had any since I’m watching the caloric intake these days.  But I think i might have gained 2 pounds just looking at it.
5.  If you would not mind, please keep my Nana in your prayers.   I went out to visit her the week before I went back to work and I am very glad I did.  Her health has been failing for awhile and I heard this weekend that it’s going very fast now.  
6.  Another prayer request, if I may, for my Aunt Bea.  We also got notice this weekend, that we should check with Aunt Bea’s nursing home before coming to visit her now (apparently, she’d still tell us to come and that she is okay to have visitors, but she’s not really doing that well).  Her health is also failing faster now.  She’s 2.5 months shy of her 100th birthday. 
7.  I think I might go for a run today.  Outside.  I have stuck to the treadmill so far with my running, but I am itching to see how far a certain route is around here.  We’ll see.
Hmm, I think that’s all the mumbles I have in me.  Happy Monday!


2 thoughts on “Monday Mumbles – 9”

  1. Prayers for both your Nana and your Aunt Bea!

    It seems a little strange to me that your weekend was so hot. I had to cave and briefly turn on the heat this weekend. I think it's supposed to warm back up today or tomorrow, but it was cold enough over the weekend that some of our precipitation came as snow (though it didn't stick down in the lower elevations).


  2. I think I might be the only mom who doesn't “pack away” seasonal clothes. I only pack clothes away if they no longer fit. As for my seasonal things, they still stay in my closet. Maybe that's because my wardrobe is so small, I have the room? LOL

    I'm sure that AC will stay off this week. It was cool today….booo!

    Did you make it on that run? Boot camp was tough this morning, but good. I was worried…she kept talking it up like it was going to be a killer.


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