10 Interesting (I Hope!) things about my Husband and Me

Hallie at Betty Beguiles posted 10 facts about her and her better half and encouraged her readers to do the same.  So…here goes!
I was out with one of my closest friends for a “girls night” when I met Craig.  She had mentioned that her cousin performed at Comedy Sportz where we were going for entertainment.  The Referee came out to begin the show and I looked at my friend and said, “He’s your cousin, right?  He looks just like your dad!”
Craig flirted with me the entire night at the “after party” we conjured up after the show that night, but I was kind of putting him off…………until he said he was Catholic and one of 5 kids.  Then he had a little more of my attention.  🙂
Craig proposed to me on his 27th birthday.  Right after I gave him his present, he pulled the box with the ring out of his sock.  Oh yeah and my sister was there and she felt kind of out of place, hee-hee.
We moved our wedding date up three months because we found out we could have the wedding at Craig’s home parish (where he grew up) and wouldn’t have to pay for it.  
During marriage preparation classes, when our discussions were directed to turn toward having and raising children, we prefaced almost every thing with, “Well, we know we don’t really want kids, BUT, if we end up with one anyway…”  (I’m sure God is laughing at us sometimes.)
We went on our honeymoon in Branson, MO.  July is a really bad time to vacation in Branson…too crowded.
We were married for one year and one month the first time I mentioned to Craig that I thought maybe we should think about having a baby.  He was shocked and stammered out, “B-b-b-ut….I thought we weren’t going to do that?”
We had no way of knowing how God would change our lives through the baptism of our daughter, Sarah.  Saying we would raise our daughter in the Catholic faith gave us the fire we needed to learn our Catholic faith (we were both poorly catechized).  I praise God and thank Jesus often for the Sacraments.
We used to have goals about having a certain amount of money in the bank and vacations we wanted to take.  Now our goals are about paying for Catholic high school, paying for braces, helping our children to turn to God to discern His will for their lives and which kid to point in the direction of med school so we can hit her up for an in-law apartment at her house in our old age.

We will be married 12 years in July.  Our oldest will turn 10 in July.  Our 5th child will be born in July. 


9 thoughts on “10 Interesting (I Hope!) things about my Husband and Me”

  1. I especially like God laughing at you. My husband wanted a child. As in one. But immediately after our daughter, he knew he wanted another child. We wanted a third but were surprised by the timing. We love to say, “When you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans!” Now, after resolving some health issues, we are awaiting God to let us know #4 is on the way!


  2. That is so awesome that you now have 5 kids!! I told myself that too that I would never have kids but I definitely have had a change of heart and I can't wait until I get married and can have a family!


  3. July is a special month for you guys! 🙂

    How wonderful that your daughter's baptism helped bring you back to God. I pray it'll do the same for some of my family members.


  4. #7–I drove past the Downtown Airport yesterday and thought about how we were going to have our reception there.

    Surprised you didn't mention recording over marathon finish. Or annual Christmas DVDs. Or trips we have taken.


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